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00:00:00 - Name Check and Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Alright um... can you just say your name and spell out your last name for the record?

Segment Synopsis: Name Check and Interview Introduction.

00:00:14 - Background Information and Work During Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So I guess we'll just start with like, preliminary questions about your background

Segment Synopsis: Discusses career at UW Colleges, and earlier restructuring that led to regionalization. Discusses dual roles after regionalization as both campus administrator and finance director within Southeast Region, and consolidation of campus administration and differences in consolidation between campuses and regions. Then talks about 2017 restructuring and role working with UW Milwaukee, and notes loss of FTE employees.
Follow up: Could you expand on what FTE means?
Full time employment, because some lost workers were part time. Discusses current employment outside of UW System.

Keywords: UW Colleges; administrative affairs; continuing education; financial affairs; organizational structure; regionalization; restructuring; staff; staff culture

00:07:20 - Discussion of Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: What was sort of like your role within restructuring?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses initial regionalization effort prior to restructuring and talks about different teams within the regionalization process. Talks about task forces and redesign efforts. Moves to discussion of recent restructuring and discusses involvement with UW Milwaukee and UW Green Bay to disperse/transition funding, software/technology, facilities, and health.

Keywords: UW Colleges; budget; consultants; financial affairs; project management; regionalization; steering committee; student affairs

00:10:17 - Movement of Funding, Tuition, and Revenue

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So like in terms of funding, what are the major concerns with moving funding over?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about sources of funding in the former UW College system; emphasis on tuition and GPR (general program revenue) from the state. Moves into discussion of tuition structures in College system, and restrictions on funding sources that led to deficit in funding and need to find "efficiencies."

Keywords: UW Colleges; accessibility; budget; financial affairs; receiving institution; restructuring; tuition

00:14:01 - Financial Efficiencies and the former UW Colleges

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Could you say like what an efficiency would be? DA: Sure

Segment Synopsis: Discusses facilities and business offices as examples off an "efficiency," i.e. condensing management and moving personnel between campuses. Talks about automation and online services for payment for tuition and efficiency, and terms and conditions for payment.

Keywords: UW Colleges; facilities; financial affairs; organizational structure; regionalization; restructuring

00:18:55 - Financial/Student Services and Demographics at the former UW Colleges

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Partial Transcript: LEH: When it comes to payment plan stuff, with the sort of like demographic makeup of the colleges

Segment Synopsis: Talks about help desk and distance help with first generation college students and veterans assistance. Deeper issues had to be coordinated at a more central level. Discusses higher level of part time students, issues that demographic areas deal with, and the difference in experience/programs for students at the colleges.

Keywords: UW Colleges; accessibility; advisement; demographics; financial affairs; non-traditional students; organizational structure; staff; student affairs; student services

00:24:13 - UW Colleges Mission, Enrollment, and Financial Issues

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Partial Transcript: LEH: How does something like that sort of effect campus culture?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about design of college around transfer process to a four year college. Goes into high enrollments at UW Colleges following recession, and how college enrollment and tuition revenue is impacted by the economy, as well as declining taxpayer funding. Discusses impact of the recession over the long term in UW funding.

Keywords: UW Colleges; academic affairs; branch campus; branch campus mission; budget; enrollment; financial affairs; mission; receiving institution; restructuring; tuition

00:29:23 - Funding Before and After Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Hoes does like the funding change when the colleges were becoming part of their partner four year institutions?

Segment Synopsis: Discussion division of assets based on percentages of students and faculty, and funds held back for shared services functions based in Madison. Goes back to discussion of efficiencies.
Follow up: What was the student reaction to changes in aid, grants...?
Discusses structure of college foundations and application process for financial aid after restructuring, and differences in tuition between institutions. Goes on to discuss the importance of identity to individual towns.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW Shared Services; branch campus; budget; community relations; demographics; financial affairs; human resources; receiving campus; restructuring

00:34:12 - Faculty/Academic Affairs Concerns and Opportunities

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Did you see it being harder in certain places? DA: I would say it was hardest for faculty.

Segment Synopsis: Discusses faculty concerns over academic affairs, classes, and shared governance. Discusses opportunities in teaching classes and flexibility in teaching at different campuses, as well as funding opportunities.

Keywords: UW Colleges; academic affairs; faculty; governance; restructuring; teaching

00:37:13 - Discussion of Faculty and UW Colleges Mission/Structure

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Why do professors choose to stay in the college system?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about emphasis on teaching in the colleges, as opposed to research and "needing" to teach to do research. Campuses at the former colleges are smaller and perhaps more personal/have a more personal "touch", and transition for faculty. Talks about efficiencies in terms of preserving "touch" services that were more important for students. Discusses need for making critical decisions between services.

Keywords: UW Colleges; academic affairs; branch campus mission; community relations; faculty; mission; organizational structure; receiving campus mission; staff; staff culture; student services; teaching

00:42:30 - Discussion of Financial Efficiency and Campus Services

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Partial Transcript: LEH: How do you make a decision of like, if two things could both potentially impact the student experience in different ways

Segment Synopsis: How do you make decisions of what needs to be taken out?
Discusses an example of decision making between different areas (IT and increasing advisors), and where increasing staff can prevent problems. Talks about centralization of library services within the former UW Colleges, and outsourcing of other sources such as bookstores. Discusses benefits of outsourcing, and running of operations by campuses. Discusses where restructuring may have led to fewer resources in areas like IT and number of class sections.

Keywords: UW Colleges; advisement; budget; facilities; financial affairs; financial aid; library services; restructuring; student services

00:48:54 - Finances and Student Governance during Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Um, so in terms of student representation, you talked a little bit about

Segment Synopsis: Discusses student input into governance structures, and decisions at different colleges to keep structures separate but join resources/events. Fees are still separate and separation of fees is a student based decision; discusses issues with combining student fees.

Keywords: UW Colleges; branch campus; budget; governance; receiving institution; restructuring; segregated fees; student affairs

00:53:04 - Segregated Fees, Governance, and Priorities of Steering Committee

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Um, so how does that relate with like athletics at the College campuses?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses different athletic structures and support through segregated fees. Discusses emphasis on student affairs and payment plans, and transition of software/networks. Talks about mental health benefits for faculty, employees, and students, and benefits of hiring campus employees for mental health services.

Keywords: UW Colleges; advisement; athletics; budget; enrollment; faculty; financial affairs; governance; restructuring; segregated fees; staff; steering committee; student affairs; student services

00:59:23 - Institutional Culture in the UW System

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Do you think that um, once people are sort of introduced to a role

Segment Synopsis: Discusses role of management in employee retention, grants and research institutions, and differences with focus on teaching in the former UW Colleges.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; branch campus mission; faculty; organizational structure; staff culture; student services; teaching

01:02:53 - Curriculum at former UW Colleges and in UW System

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Partial Transcript: LEH: How do you think that um, the sort of like curriculum that is like, formulated

Segment Synopsis: Discusses emphasis more on major, and importance of liberal arts courses in making decisions. Discusses how programs influence decision to transfer early in sciences, versus more ability to continue in liberal arts majors. Talks about importance of learning about other fields in order to do job.

Keywords: UW Colleges; academic affairs; branch campus mission; restructuring

01:07:52 - Thoughts on Future due to Restructuring and Initial Awareness of Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: As things sort of become more consolidated, uh do you think that that changes or stays the same?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses integration of campuses and differences between colleges. Discusses finding out about restructuring in newspaper, differences in timing between restructuring, and high transparency of process.

Keywords: UW Colleges; communication; restructuring

01:11:12 - Gives Information on Potential Interviewees

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Partial Transcript: DA: Good stuff, thank you. LEH: Yeah, yeah. DA: Can I ask which of my former colleagues you've had a chance to talk to?

Segment Synopsis: Gives additional names to contact/end of interview.

01:14:01 - End of Interview