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00:00:00 - Interview Introduction 00:00:34 - Early ideas about energy

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Partial Transcript: Growing up, were you aware of where energy came from?

Segment Synopsis: Didn’t think a whole lot about energy. Does remember coal, ice, and milk delivery. Milk delivery was horse drawn.

Keywords: Coal; Ice delivery; Milk delivery

00:02:13 - Early memories of electricity

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Partial Transcript: What was your interaction with electricity?

Segment Synopsis: JB hardly remembers it. They did have electricity, and a phone. Grandmother had a phone that leaked (could hear conversations from neighbors.)

Keywords: Childhood; Telephones

00:02:46 - Energy & Automobiles

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Partial Transcript: When did you start actively thinking about energy?

Segment Synopsis: JM didn't start thinking about energy until she started paying for gas to run her car.

Keywords: Cars; Gasoline

00:03:37 - Learning about Climate Change

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Partial Transcript: When did you become aware of climate change?

Segment Synopsis: JB probably became aware of climate change 8-10 years ago, maybe longer. She believed in it right away, been worried about it ever since. Worries about grandchildren, and what they’re going to be facing. Sam is 13, has grown up hearing about climate change.

Keywords: Climate change

00:04:54 - Energy Prices

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Partial Transcript: How have gas prices affected you throughout your life?

Segment Synopsis: Early on in JB's marriage, determined how long trip could be depending on what they could afford. When gas prices increased, wanted cars with better mileage. Has changed the way she drives- tries stop/start slowly.

Keywords: Cars; Gas prices

00:06:07 - Hopes for future and the environemnt

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Partial Transcript: What are your hopes for young people today when it comes to the environment?

Segment Synopsis: Very proud of everything JB's heard about young people If they grow up fast enough, they’ll save us. Samuel says that looking around at his classmates, he’s not so hopeful. She says that he’s in middle school, so maybe people will grow up.

Keywords: Environment; Young people

00:07:04 - Changing energy uses

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Partial Transcript: How was the way we use energy changed?

Segment Synopsis: Changed the lightbulbs in her house. Put solar panels on her barn, pays for most of her electricity.

Keywords: History; Solar; lighbulbs

00:08:48 - Final Reflections

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Partial Transcript: Anything else you’d like to say?

Segment Synopsis: Expresses hope for younger generation to care about the planet and care about other people. Hopes that they somehow stop wars all over the world.

Keywords: Environment

00:09:17 - End of Interview