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00:00:00 - Start of Interview/Introductions 00:00:28 - Early life and overview

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Partial Transcript: Now can we just start with your early life...

Segment Synopsis: Ann Budde (AB) grew up in Beaver Dam, WI on a dairy farm. In high school, she was in the band. She attended Madison General with 4 of her high school classmates. She worked in a hospital in Beaver Dam, WI after graduating from nursing school in 1960 for about a year. Her mother passed away before she graduated nursing school. It impacted her very much, and she joined a convent in Milwaukee from 1961-1968. She worked at a sanitarium and then it converted to a rehabilitation hospital. So, she went to Minnesota to learn rehab nursing and bring the knowledge back. After leaving the convent, she worked in Milwaukee and got into in-service education. She got married and moved to New Jersey where she worked as the Director of Nursing. She made some changes in that role that ruffled feathers, such as making sure doctors had enough experience when delivering babies. She then went to a hospital in Philadelphia. She had completed her BSN in Milwaukee, but while in Philadelphia she completed her Masters in 1978. She then went back to New Jersey and was asked to take the position of Vice President.

Keywords: Band; Beaver Dam, WI; rehab nursing; sanitarium

00:10:36 - Choosing nursing

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Partial Transcript: And what made you all decide...

Segment Synopsis: AB had taken care of her father when he was ill. Her sister started at nursing school but did not stay very long. There were not many options for women. She did not want to be a secretary or a teacher. Nursing was a popular career choice in her community. She does not remember how they chose Madison General, but they all thought it sounded like a good idea. She cannot say that there was anything particular. It felt good to be going with her friends.

Keywords: Gender roles; friendship

00:12:37 - Impressions of nursing school

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Partial Transcript: And did you have any type of...

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that because of her sister, she knew what she was getting into. She also had an appendectomy when she was 7 so she remembered what the role of nurses were. She enjoyed chemistry and math. She remembers, from her time living in McConnell hall, that there was one phone on each floor, so someone would pick it up and they would yell down the hall. They also played little pranks. The lights went off at 10 pm, and so they would study by candlelight. They had overnights to go home occasionally and their curfew was pushed back to 11 pm on the weekends. You could not walk across the stage at graduation if you were pregnant, but they protested this with a sit in and one of their classmates was allowed to walk even though she was pregnant. They let their feeling be known that they should allow her to walk across the stage since she had put the work to get there. Graduating from nursing school was a very big deal at the time, all her family came down, except for her brother in the Navy.

Keywords: dorms; rules; studying

00:17:08 - Family

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Partial Transcript: And you mentioned your brother...

Segment Synopsis: He got in the financial world. He retired as a vice president of a bank. He was very musical. AB has a sister and two brothers total. Her other brother worked on the farm for a while and then sold farming implements. Her parents managed a farm. They made it through the Depression. Her father had a 4th grade education but became treasurer of the town and really inspired her to work hard.

Keywords: Navy; farming; finance

00:19:00 - Religion

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Partial Transcript: Was religion a big part of your life growing up

Segment Synopsis: Her family attended mass every week. She explains that she has sort of circled back to her faith. She is now a Secular Carmelite. She is the treasurer of the Alumni Association and volunteers at a hospital.

Keywords: Secular Carmelite

00:21:12 - Impressions of Madison

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Partial Transcript: What were your first impressions of Madison?

Segment Synopsis: AB felt like Madison was a big city. They had their non-nursing classes at the University but none of those classes counted when she went back to get her BSN. She thinks her class was around 60 people, and there were no men.

Keywords: science

00:22:27 - Life in the dorms/unusual practices

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Partial Transcript: So living in McConnell Hall...

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that there were usually two to a room, with assigned roommates. Everyone got to know each other very well and she remembers no fighting. Most of the classes were in the basement of the McConnell Hall and that they practiced everything on each other before they did it on real patients. They had a month off after the first year. They went to Mendota Psychiatric Hospital as well as the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. She found her experience at Mendota shocking. They used to make their own IV fluids. When they were in the OR rotation, they had to clean the sponges and doctor’s gloves. Nothing was disposable. There used to be something called a turpentine stoopes which was thought to reduce intestinal distention.

Keywords: Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee; IV; Mendota Psychiatric Hospital

00:26:57 - Rotational experiences

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Partial Transcript: So going back to the rotations that you mentioned...

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that at Mendota Psychiatric Hospital, there was a lot of electroshock patients and a lot of people who had to be restrained. AB notes that they also rotated to the Veteran’s Hospital where a lot of people had a respiratory illness. The veterans enjoyed having the student nurses there. AB explains that they had very little distraction, and that a key job of the student nurses was to help entertain them.

Keywords: Mendota Psychiatric Hospital; Veteran's Hospital; electroshock

00:29:45 - Nursing Arts Skills

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Partial Transcript: And can you describe some of the...

Segment Synopsis: They practiced bed baths, backrubs on each other. They did not start IVs on patients as student nurses, but they practiced on each other in the dorm. All their Madison General instructors were nurses including Mrs. Sprecher, Mrs. Green. She remembers making beds for post-surgical patients and remembered changing bedpans.

Keywords: IVs; back rubs; bed baths

00:32:59 - Food/Recreational Activities

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk a bit about the food in the hospital...

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that there was a small kitchen in the dorm, but it was not well equipped. They ate at the cafeteria in the hospital and occasionally went out to eat or ordered in. There was a tea once a month and they had a tea when changing from year to year. There was one TV room where they would watch sporting events or whatnot. AB explains there were dances, meetings or they met people from the University and did activities with them. AB explains that it was a mix. The officers of the class would help plan it with the house mothers and nursing school people. AB also notes they had a choir.

Keywords: house mothers; tea

00:37:17 - Classes/Faculty

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Partial Transcript: And what were your lecture classes like?

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that the lectures were in the mornings and that it was very hard to stay awake. AB liked the hands-on portion of the education better. Some of the university classes were easy, some were very difficult. AB explains they all the faculty played a role. She thinks Mrs. Sprecher, who taught on the medical floor, played a large role. She notes that they had excellent instructors.

Keywords: Sprecher; classes; education; instructors; lectures

00:39:47 - Challenges/Relationships with staff

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Partial Transcript: Were there any particularly challenging...

Segment Synopsis: AB notes her microbiology course at the University was very challenging. She also remembers having to give up their seats for doctors and the way that they interacted with them. AB says it did not really bother her at a time, but some of her classmates were irritated, and is a very different culture than today. AB can only remember one nurse who was very tough, but she was good.

Keywords: Microbiology; relationships

00:42:30 - Studying

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Partial Transcript: And were there resources...

Segment Synopsis: AB says not like today. They had a library. AB explains they studied in groups and quizzed each other especially for classes like anatomy. This helped them get to know each other better as well. Living in McConnell hall also united them. The Alumni Association is aging too and so if people do not step up it will probably dissolve.

Keywords: Alumni Association; library

00:46:23 - Lasting connections from Madison General

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Partial Transcript: Why is being part of the organization important to you?

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that many of her former classmates are her friends and she enjoys sharing memories. She has pretty much stayed in contact with her peers. She would come back for reunions even when she lived on the East Coast.

Keywords: friends; friendships

00:47:25 - Rotations continued

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Partial Transcript: So now going back to your rotations...

Segment Synopsis: AB explains that the Children's Hospital was not easy. They had a lot of patients that needed their IVs checked frequently. They did not really have enough help. It was a learning experience. AB rarely worked in pediatrics. She realized that work can be calm one second and hectic the next and that she cannot control everything that is going on. AB thinks she could appreciate her administrative work because she could understand the challenges of the nurses who were working. After graduation, she worked in Beaver Dam and had a lot of responsibility. AB explains that they had to be professional at all times. They could not accept gifts and attended a professional ethics class. This seems different now. AB feels like it is just more personal now. AB gives an example of talking with a nurse caring for her about how her mother was a nurse.

Keywords: Children; IVs; responsibility

00:54:55 - Qualities of a good nurse

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Partial Transcript: What do you think makes a good nurse?

Segment Synopsis: AB says to be caring, compassion, have a commitment to learning and working as a team. She also notes that there are many more opportunities for nurses now than there were then.

Keywords: Compassion; teamwork

00:56:20 - Memories from Madison General

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Partial Transcript: Are there other moments...

Segment Synopsis: AB answers that it was the first time a lot of them were away from home so that was a learning experience. AB appreciated the opportunity to get close with her classmates. AB explains it was very difficult to lose a parent during her training. She was working with a breast cancer patient at Madison General as well. An instructor came and told her to go back home. This was also a learning experience for her.

Keywords: independence; loss

01:01:33 - Post graduation life

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Partial Transcript: They have all been great...

Segment Synopsis: She joined the convent, after a year, that was staffing the hospital at the time. AB explains that the medicine at the psychiatric hospital was no longer accepted. It was understood that that kind of therapy did not work. It was a great opportunity for her to be a teacher and a leader. After leaving the convent, she went to work at other hospitals in Milwaukee. She got into first nursing administration and then hospital administration there. She had a very large retirement party, as she had made an effort to get to know people. She retired from general hospital nursing and she came out of retirement in a rehabilitation hospital. She was called back to work for brief stints to help right the hospitals. She got her master’s from Univeristy of Pennsylvania in 1978. She became the vice president and that is how she got into hospital administration, rather than just nursing.

Keywords: convent; hospital administration; rehabilitation nursing

01:10:36 - Memories from nursing career

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Partial Transcript: Are there any memorable moments...

Segment Synopsis: AB remembers that one hospital she was working in early in her career got a very bad review and so the Director of OR Nursing quit and she hired someone from the outside. Unhappy about this hire, the entire OR staff called in sick, so she had to take over. She also remembers converting the sanitarium to the rehabilitation hospital as a very positive experience. When she became director of nursing, she was very excited to communicate with others outside nursing. AB expresses the importance of learning from your mistakes.

Keywords: challenges; learning

01:14:23 - Advice to future nursing students

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Partial Transcript: Ok my last question...

Segment Synopsis: AB says to keep an open mind, realistic about what you can accomplish and to be passionate about it.

Keywords: open mindedness; realistic

01:15:16 - End of Interview