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00:00:00 - Interviewers Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Today is March 29, 2019. My name is Lea Goldstone...

00:00:28 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: So, if you could just describe kind of your background...

Segment Synopsis: BC grew up in East Madison, East High School, lived there all her life. She always wanted to be a nurse even as a young girl. When she was little, her father had contracted measles and her experience in watching the nurse really inspired her. Nursing was fairly popular in her community and had been guided by social workers towards this career. She graduated high school in 1960.

Keywords: East Madison; measles

00:02:06 - Preconceptions and first impressions of nursing school

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Partial Transcript: And what was your perception of nursing school prior to your going?...

Segment Synopsis: BC knew it was science based, working with the public. One of the reasons she picked Madison General above other schools was because it was one of the first schools to covert the 3-year program to a 3-semester university start, then moving to the nursing school. So, she got the chance to see what real university life was like. Living in the dorms were something she remembered fondly, and she lived in McConnell Hall. She does not remember Rest Harrow.

Keywords: McConnell Hall; Rest Harrow

00:04:23 - Recreational Activities and Life in Madison

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Partial Transcript: All right. So what were some of the social kind of recreational stuff...

Segment Synopsis: Girls made friends at different colleges and she remembered having fun free time (tennis, swimming, boating, etc.). Madison was a vibrant city with lots of cultural opportunities, much smaller than it is now. She remembers the athletic and music opportunities.

Keywords: Vilas Park

00:06:23 - Nursing Training

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Partial Transcript: Kind of moving on towards training...

Segment Synopsis: First year, there was fundamentals of nursing (bedside procedures), had to take psychology, bacteriology, physiology and others general introductory courses. The classes were divided into groups, and the rotations consisted of about 8 girls each. They had different instructors for each section; for example, obstetrics would have had all the class involved but they would then break into smaller groups. They were able to practice injections, catheters, bed baths/bedside care, massages, blood pressure, cardiac monitoring, starting IV’s

Keywords: fundamentals of nursing

00:08:22 - Influential Faculty

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Partial Transcript: So do you remember any faculty who played kind of an important role in your education?...

Segment Synopsis: Great instructors, gentle and warm. There were both physicians and nurses who would give lectures.

Keywords: faculty

00:09:16 - Challenges in Nursing School

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Partial Transcript: So was there anything particularly challenging...

Segment Synopsis: Sometimes the hours they worked were difficult to manage with school, working in different areas made it difficult as a student. Case load was quite difficult depending on what type of problem the patient had. They were assigned different areas in different locations. They had 3-month rotations at different hospitals each year. Mendota mental health stood out to her, as well as Milwaukee Children’s Hospital. There they were assigned a floor and in charge of the children with serious illnesses. Did medical, surgical, cardiac, etc.

Keywords: Mendota Psychiatric Hospital; Milwaukee Children's Hospital; VA Hospital

00:12:36 - Odd Practices

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Partial Transcript: And are there any practices or methods like you learned in school that would be considered kind of odd today ...

Segment Synopsis: She remembers doing a tracheotomy which she doesn’t think students would be able to do today. Also, cardiac procedures, different dressings. As a student she was very active.

Keywords: Tracheotomy

00:13:24 - Lasting Impressions of Madison General

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Partial Transcript: So what were some of your just lasting impressions of Madison General?...

Segment Synopsis: Wonderful experience all around, nothing but good things to say about it. Diverse group of people and she enjoyed getting a very active education. She explains that Madison General the education at Madison General was about equal to the education of other nursing schools.

Keywords: hands-on education

00:15:12 - Career and Life post-graduation

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Partial Transcript: And so just tell me a little bit about your career after you graduated...

Segment Synopsis: She went back to school, and she wishes that she had gotten back and gotten her bachelor’s degree but was cut short by getting married and having children. She worked in several different areas of medicine, ending up in surgery. In the later years she chose surgery as her specialty, met some very nice people. As for stand out moments she had so many she could not point out any individual one.

Keywords: BSN; surgical nursing

00:16:33 - Reunions

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Partial Transcript: And so did you return to Madison...

Segment Synopsis: She returned for many reunions for the Alumni Day, got together with her good friends.

Keywords: Alumni Day

00:16:57 - Advice and Reflection

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Partial Transcript: And what advice, if anything, would you give to nursing students today...

Segment Synopsis: Nursing can be very hard work, the hours are not always ideal. It is a worthy profession in her opinion. BC explains she has always very happy with her choice in becoming a nurse.

Keywords: nursing school

00:18:20 - End of Interview