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00:00:00 - Interview Introduction 00:00:44 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: So to start can you just...

Segment Synopsis: Ellen Drewry (ED) was born in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Her father passed away when she was eight years old. She worked at a shipyard until going to nursing school. She has one older brother.

Keywords: Kewaunee, Wisconsin; shipyard

00:01:41 - Choosing nursing & the Cadet Nurse Corps

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything in your background...

Segment Synopsis: ED explains that she could not afford college, and that since it was wartime, and her brother was in the service she could not leave her mother. She then joined the Cadet Nurse Corps which took care of money. She graduated from high school in 1942 and started the Cadet Nurse Corps in 1944. ED explains that she did not know much for the Cadet Nurse Corps prior to attending, only that she could get a free education. She was in the Cadet Nurse Corps for three years.

Keywords: Cadet nurse corp

00:03:57 - Nursing School

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Partial Transcript: Will you tell me a bit about your...

Segment Synopsis: She loved nursing and enjoyed it a lot. She was familiar with Madison and loves it. ED thinks that 28 graduated, but there were some that dropped out along the way.

Keywords: Madison; classmates

00:05:03 - Life in the dorms

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Partial Transcript: And did you live in the dorms?

Segment Synopsis: ED lived in the dorms and loved it. ED explains she liked her roommate and that there were no elevators in the dorm. She is still in touch with two of her classmates that lived on that floor. She notes she is still in touch with her classmates Alice Kanagaki and Fung Scholz. She did not love the food but her friends did.

Keywords: classmates; dorms; friendship

00:06:49 - Classes

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Partial Transcript: So then moving on towards...

Segment Synopsis: She thought it was easy. But she never liked surgical nursing because her teacher was “dumb." ED remembers pleasant teachers, that usually taught in the dorms and the great emphasis on clinical teaching. She enjoyed both clinical and classroom experiences.

Keywords: classroom; clinicals

00:08:27 - Faculty/Studying

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Partial Transcript: And what about the faculty?

Segment Synopsis: ED thought the faculty was good. ED did not do anything special in terms of studying.

Keywords: faculty; study; studying

00:09:43 - Clinical experiences

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Partial Transcript: So will you tell me a bit...

Segment Synopsis: ED explains that it was a very good experience and that they were very necessary. She tells a story about one night she was working alone on the floor. The hospitals were very shorthanded. She explained they got to do a lot more than people do now. She explains the ways they cleaned and sterilized materials. She remembers going to Chicago for psych and pediatrics at Cook County hospital. She explains how this was interesting for someone from rural communities. She explains the tunnel that led to the hospital from their dormitory. She doesn’t think the experience wasn’t impressive. There was a great deal different in the hospitals, both due to the poverty of the patients and the way the hospital was set up.

Keywords: Chicago; Cook County; clinicals

00:12:59 - Interactions and practices

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any...

Segment Synopsis: ED had very nice patients. She has no memories of bad experiences. She recounts one patient that she really liked taking care of, a “crabby lady that no one wanted to take care of” that she bonded with. She thinks that there are a lot of differences nowadays. They used to put the flowers from the rooms outside their rooms at night. She thinks they gave more service because the patients would stay longer. So, patients now in the hospital are considerably sicker than they are now. ED explains that they had to move way very quickly when they came to use the charge table. The doctors were basically treated like gods, but they were all pleasant.

Keywords: bonding; patients; relationships

00:15:53 - Memories

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Partial Transcript: Any other notable experiences...

Segment Synopsis: They couldn’t have radios in their dorms, but she convinced them to let her get one. She also says that there was chapel in the mornings for the nursing students, even though there was no religious affiliation of the hospital. ED notes that you probably didn’t have to go to chapel if you did not want to. They could go swimming at the Y.

Keywords: YMCA; chapel; radios

00:18:13 - Madison Visiting Nurse Service

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything else you...

Segment Synopsis: ED explains that she loved the Madison Visiting Nurse Service. She went around Madison. She had to go to administer shots and other things. She talks about how much the area has changed. She tells a story about a patient with cancer on her face that was very difficult experience for ED. She stayed a couple years and then worked in public health for the city of Milwaukee.

Keywords: Madison Visiting Nurse Service; change; public health; shots

00:20:28 - Public Health

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me a bit about...

Segment Synopsis: She explains that she worked in a district with three schools and she really enjoyed it. She tells an anecdote about seeing a dead rat in a buggy in one of the houses she went into. She loved all parts of it but then she got married and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for 3 months and worked in a hospital there. Sshe got assigned a district. They serviced schools in their district. There was a lot of poverty, and she went and checked on babies in the district. When she started, she worked at immunization clinics. The doctors would administer the immunizations. She did this for three months and she saw a lot of Milwaukee.

Keywords: Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Public Health; Schools

00:23:43 - Cadet Nurse Corps continued

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Partial Transcript: And how did your nursing education serve you...

Segment Synopsis: It greatly helped her in life. It got her out of her home town and into her profession. She had a good time training and is very grateful to the Cadet Nurses Corps. They got uniforms, a stipend (she believes it was $20), room and board, so she had basically no expenses. ED explains that it was a great way to get an education. She doesn’t know how many people were involved with it, but she thinks most of her class did it for the same reason. It wasn’t competitive to her to get accepted.

Keywords: Cadet Nurse Corps; stipend; uniforms

00:26:18 - Career in nursing

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Partial Transcript: So can you tell me a bit more...

Segment Synopsis: ED explains she has always enjoyed working in hospitals. She worked as a floor nurse in the hospital. She liked the visiting nurse service because she would see some of the same people, and tells a few stories. One woman laid out breakfast for her. Another patient made her angel wings for a costume. She explains that Madison was much different than Milwaukee. She explains that it was a whole different type of public health nursing. Madison Visiting Nurse Service was still doing more real nursing, in Milwaukee it was more checking if people are taking care of children, helping with eye clinics in schools etc. She explains it was less hands on. She enjoyed the people part of the hands on nursing. She then moved to Ohio. She didn’t work anymore because she was pregnant and because her husband’s job had them moving around a lot without much notice. ED explains she also had nine kids.

Keywords: Minneapolis, MN; hands on; hospitals; patient interaction

00:30:26 - Remembering nursing

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Partial Transcript: What if anything did you...

Segment Synopsis: She says she didn’t have time to miss anything about nursing because she was so busy and they had to move so much. She brings up the woman with face cancer again, and tells a story about a child she checked on who passed away of instant crib death. She did not return to Madison as a nurse. She still keeps in touch with her class mates. They used to have a round robin (letter passing) but there are only three people now. But now they email. They have similar memories from school and tells a story about an interaction a classmate had with a doctor.

Keywords: cancer; classmates; letters

00:34:09 - Advice

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Partial Transcript: Can you think of any advice...

Segment Synopsis: She thinks that nursing is probably a lot different today. She knows from personal experience that visiting nurses do more today and have more materials.She thinks nursing is a great career, she has more nurses in her family, there is a bond between nurse. Her niece is a nurse but she doesn't talk about it much with her. They probably know more and have more book learning.She thinks clinical experience is very important and explains she has a grand daughter who is in nursing who didn’t think her clinical education was adequate. Clinical education helps teach them how to take care of patients.

Keywords: advice; changes; experience

00:38:43 - Qualities of nurses/Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: And what would you say...,

Segment Synopsis: She thinks that kindness, ability to recognize symptoms, and the ability to listen are all qualities of good nurses. She liked Madison General and enjoyed nursing quite a bit. She notes medicine changes so fast that she would need a refresher course.

Keywords: changes; kindness; positive

00:40:16 - End of Interview