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00:00:00 - Name Check and Interview Introduction 00:00:34 - Background with the UW System

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Let's start broad... So what brought you to the UW System and how long did you hold your position before restructuring started?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses experiences with UW System as a student, then as a part of the UW System.

Keywords: UW System; higher education administration

00:01:52 - Background of Restructuring within UW System

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Um... so how was restructuring sort of like presented to you?

Segment Synopsis: SF discusses background of restructuring, UW System, and early experience of restructuring. Talks about decline in enrollment and revenue, and relationship of UW Colleges and communities to the mission of the UW System. Goes into discussion of options leading up to restructuring, and reasoning behind decisions made in beginning of restructuring.

Keywords: UW System; UW System mission; communication; enrollment; finance; higher education

00:08:23 - Background in Policymaking and Project Management in Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: I guess we went over this a little but could you say a little bit about your position and how that's evolved throughout the restructuring process?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses career in UW System working in policymaking, and discusses structural issues of restructuring. Talks about Project Management office and continuing support in restructuring process past initial phases.

Keywords: UW System; communication; policymaking; project management; restructuring

00:13:03 - Large Scale Issues of Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Starting with all of these kind of big... um... how do you sort of turn sort of like big problems into more concrete things

Segment Synopsis: Talks about issues of services and accreditation that had to be outlined, and support that the System would provide. Goes into detail about issues with the Department of Education including international students, support, and accreditation, and structure of the project.

Keywords: Department of Education; Higher Learning Commission; UW Colleges; academic affairs; accreditation; branch campus; financial aid; receiving campus; student services

00:19:16 - Communication and Governance

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Partial Transcript: LEH: How does that work... Could you expand on that from like a communications perspective

Segment Synopsis: Talks about governance structures and communication within/across project management offices. Talks about questions, setting up FAQ, and setting up the Project Management Office.

Keywords: UW System; communication; functional teams; governance; integrated communications; steering committee

00:24:51 - Initial Communication, Planning, and Leak of Restructuring Project

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Was part of that... I know that a lot of people heard about the project from the news?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about initial communication plan, adjusting to news announcement, and potential avenues of communication that could have been taken in the planning phases of the project. Talks about uncertainty of prolonged debate, and stakes for individuals working at and going to the former UW Colleges. Talks about timelines and need to communicate different timelines for different functions, accreditation meetings, and planning paperwork.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; branch campus mission; communication; restructuring; students

00:31:50 - Goals, Issues, and Functional Teams within Restructuring Project

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Where would you say that you were... which functional teams were you like most involved with or like saw the most amount of discussion happening?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about goals and issues of project, and looking at similar projects at other university systems. Discusses importance of working with teams and subject matter experts, and emphasis on transfer of student information systems, registration, and financial aid in particular. Talks about different levels of conflict resolution within the project, and emphasis on documentation.

Keywords: UW Colleges; branch campus mission; financial aid; functional teams; receiving campus mission; student information systems; university mergers

00:38:28 - Project and Policy Planning within UW System and Individual Campuses

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Could you maybe expand on that, like an example or two

Segment Synopsis: Talks about integration of faculty and staff into universities, and functions not done by the UW System. Talks about need for consistency across UW System principles, and campus level execution of principles. Talks about working with existing policies within the UW System, and clarification of policies through Memorandums of Understanding. Talks about distribution of materials and Steering Committee.

Keywords: Board of Regents; Steering Committee; UW System; memorandum of understanding; policy planning; project planning; tenure

00:45:01 - UW Colleges, Student Services, and Budgeting in Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So like when it comes to like formulating principles how do you

Segment Synopsis: Talks about working with people in different services, looking through budgeting for different functions, and how to distribute funds. Talks about expectations of services at UW Colleges and universities. Discusses structure and funding of UW Colleges, and issues that impact students including transfer of information. Talks about questions asked by students, including questions about athletics and services. Talks about different strategies employed by different campuses, and individual cultures of campuses/decisionmaking.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW Extension; branch campus; communication; funding; higher education administration; receiving institution; student services; transfer

00:55:43 - Discussion of Tracking Information Systems and Consultants

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Partial Transcript: LEH: What are you guys still tracking now?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about tracking of information systems, and timelines for transitioning information. Discusses importance of consultants for outside perspective and experience with consolidation of universities. Says that consultants were useful as a part of the Project Management Office, progress of the project, and perspective/ability to travel and consult on campuses. Talks about "decommissioning" UW College services/funds, and other issues that came out of the restructuring process.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; branch campus; consultants; memorandum of understanding; project management; project management office; student information systems

01:01:32 - Discussion of Levels of Services between Institutions/Centralization

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Its interesting that there are sort of related things...

Segment Synopsis: Talks about different functions at different institutions, and what can be dealt with in a centralized fashion.

Keywords: UW System; funding; project management

01:04:00 - Project Planning at the System Level, Restructuring Timeline, and Coordination

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Partial Transcript: LEH: What did you feel the mood was with your staff and the staff you interacted with on a regular basis?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about importance of providing a roadmap, difficulty of project timeline, and importance of broad thinking. Talks about adding to people's workloads and bringing people into project management, initial shock of project, and long term reactions. Talks about human impact of project.

Keywords: UW System; access mission; branch campus; coordination; functional teams; project management; project management office; receiving campus; timeline

01:10:33 - Final Thoughts about Communication, Roles, and UW System

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Um... ok... alright... talked about communication... Alright, is there anything you would like to add

Segment Synopsis: Talks about providing guidance, importance of communication with as many people as possible, and importance of defining roles for System and campus officials. Talks about continuation of restructuring, and continuation of integration of branch campuses. Talks about support in process and communication in Project Management Office.

Keywords: UW System; communication; project management; project management office

01:18:46 - End of 03/05/2020 Interview Session.