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00:00:04 - Start of Interview

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Partial Transcript: Hello, this is Jazmin Ortiz with the Dow 50 commemorative story program here with Ed Friedman...

00:00:18 - Witnessing the Protests

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Partial Transcript: If you want, you can introduce yourself...

Segment Synopsis: Question: Introduce yourself and your story? Answer: Ed had recently arrived to teach at UW and heard about the protest from his students. He was a witness to the protests and stood outside Commerce Building. He details the unnecessary degree of force used by the police and the sexual nature of the police brutality (lifting skirts with batons).

Keywords: Commerce Building; police

00:02:57 - Students' Reactions

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Partial Transcript: Did you get any of the reactions of the students who did have, who were beaten and have that aspect of humiliation?

Segment Synopsis: Question: What were the reactions of students? Answer: Ed talks about how he was unable to talk to students about the events of Dow because students were extremely polite. Even the most radicalized of students, he says, remained polite and attentive in class. He talks about a student walkout that ended with a student apologizing after the fact.

Keywords: student strike; students

00:05:50 - Faculty Reactions

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Partial Transcript: And the radicalization that occurred for me - I'm a faculty member, I'm not a student - was what happened to the faculty.

Segment Synopsis: Ed says that the radicalization he recalls was among faculty members. He recalls one instance in which the young faculty members of L&S overtook a staff meeting and fought on the behalf of student protesters against the "old man's club" of senior faculty members.

Keywords: administration; faculty

00:08:09 - Effects on Madison

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything else that you wanted to add about how it affected you?

Segment Synopsis: Question: How did the demonstrations affect you personally? Answer: Ed believes the demonstrations affected the government of Madison as a whole. He states that the true riot was committed by the police, not the students.

Subjects: Madison; police

00:10:08 - End of Interview