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00:00:56 - Kevin's role in the 2011 Capitol Protests

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Segment Synopsis: Start of Interview/Interviewer’s Introduction. Kevin Gibbons (KG) describes his role as co-president of the TAA for the 2010-2011 school year and his responsibilities as co-president were prior to Governor Scott Walker taking office in January 2011. He mentions that Alex Hanna was the other co-president at the time. KG said that on Thursday, February 10th, he had heard about Scott Walker’s cuts to union bargaining rights and power.

Keywords: Alex Hanna; Florida; unions

00:05:52 - Discussion of the beginning of his term as a co-president of the TAA and the protests.

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Segment Synopsis: Kevin describes how he became aware of the Budget Repair Bill, protesting at the Capitol, basic information about unions, and how they came to stay in the Capitol.

Keywords: AFT; I heart UW; Memorial Union; Scott Walker; State Street; TAA (Teaching Assistant Association); bargaining rights; legislation; oral testimonies

Subjects: University of Wisconsin - Madison; social protest; unions

00:14:20 - Legislation and the testimonies from students in the Capitol

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Segment Synopsis: The students continued to give oral testimonies in order to defer the passing of the bill. Wisconsin has a law where they are required to listen to oral testimony before passing bills. Kevin discusses the mobilization of the TAA members.

Keywords: Budget Repair Bill; TAA; legislation; legislators; politics

00:21:53 - The first night they stayed in the Capitol and their preparations for it.

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Segment Synopsis: They did not plan to stay in the Capitol initially, thus they were not prepared to stay long term. People donated food, which allowed the protesters to stay in the Capitol in order to have their voices heard. Kevin also discusses how things were organized in the Capitol, such as food tables and ensuring that people were up to date on the happenings.

Keywords: Harriet Rowan; MIke Quito; National Guard; TAA; occupation

00:29:43 - Their relationship with the Capitol Police.

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Segment Synopsis: The protesters were not violent, and they had a good relationship with the Capitol Police. Some felt that the police supported the mission of the protestors, even though they had to do their job to keep the peace.

Keywords: Capitol Police; Teamsters

00:33:51 - Damage to the Capitol

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Segment Synopsis: The protestors changed out the tape for their signs in order to minimize damage to the Capitol building. The damage estimates were much lower than initially predicted. The damage was mostly on the lawn on the square.

Keywords: AFL-CIO; marble

00:37:11 - What the the protests meant to him.

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Segment Synopsis: Kevin felt the protests fought against the destruction of labor unions and dismantling of bargaining.

Keywords: collective bargaining; political history; unions

00:40:49 - The protest chants

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Segment Synopsis: Kevin discusses the chants from the protests.

00:43:33 - Feelings on the Capitol since the protests.

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Segment Synopsis: He reminisces the feelings he had while in the Capitol, hiss experiences, and memories.

00:45:32 - The Chancellor, Bitty Martin.

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Segment Synopsis: Bitty Martin met with the co-presidents. The TA's would still teach off-campus or cancel classes.

Keywords: Bitty Martin; Paul Deluca; TAA; Valentine's day

00:51:45 - Other things about the capitol and his experiences.

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Segment Synopsis: Kevin discusses the disorienting layout of the Capitol; the drums that played, and realizing that the protests weren't as important to everyone as it was to them.

00:55:30 - Quorum and the Democratic Senators avoiding the Bill.

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Segment Synopsis: The protesters banded together to block any senators from calling quorum. The Democratic senators left the state, which delayed the passing of the bill. The protesters worked together to block the bill from being passed, regardless of the consequences. This is when the protesters blocked the exits so no one could get in, but people could get out.

Keywords: Capitol Police; Quorum; Wisconsin 14

01:05:22 - The media, coverage of the protests, and the legacy of the Capitol Protests.

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Segment Synopsis: Kevin discusses what he would consider a "win" for the protests, the long-term impact of the bill, how his parents felt about the protest, and the high school students that protested with them.

Keywords: Act 10; Occupy; activism; political action; progressive politics