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00:00:00 - Interviewer's Introduction 00:00:35 - Early Conceptions of Energy

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Partial Transcript: Nancy, growing up, were you aware of where energy came from?

Segment Synopsis: Nancy and Jon parents didn’t talk about energy. Remembers converting coal to natural gas.

Keywords: coal; natual gas

00:01:29 - Talking about Energy

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever talk to my mom and dad about energy?

Segment Synopsis: Neither Nancy or Jon talked to their own children about energy

Keywords: energy; families

00:01:45 - Changes in Energy Use Over Time

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Partial Transcript: Nancy, how have you seen the way we make and use energy change since your childhood and what do you think are the reasons for those changes?

Segment Synopsis: The switch from coal furnace to natural gas – cleaner, more efficient. Question: Jon, how have you seen the way we make and use energy change since your childhood and what do you think are the biggest reasons for those changes? Answer: Natural gas was easier and cleaner for furnace.

Keywords: appliances; coal; gas

00:02:40 - 1970s Energy Crisis

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Partial Transcript: You lived through the increase gas prices in the 70’s. What do you remember about the 1970's energy embargo or why did it happen?

Segment Synopsis: Nancy remembers going from paying 29 cent/gallon to an enormous price, but doesn’t remember why. Jon remembers gas lines at the stations and the price increase.

Keywords: Energy Embargo; Gas Prices

00:03:49 - Renewable Energy

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Partial Transcript: When did you first hear about renewable sources of energy? What thoughts did you have about renewable energy when you first heard about it? And what are your thoughts about it now?

Segment Synopsis: Nancy felt like we should use it to keep the planet good for the future and she still thinks so. Jon can’t remember first hearing about it, but remembers teaching science and converting lights in house to LED.

Keywords: LED; Renewable energy; Science

00:05:18 - Thoughts on Climate Change

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Partial Transcript: When was the first time you heard about climate change? How was your understanding of climate change since you first learned about it?

Segment Synopsis: Nancy says its hard to know when we first heard about it, but the evidence is so much today. Frustration to hear that some people don’t believe that climate change exists. Jon heard about it 2-3 years ago – warming oceans, bird migration, and other phonological things. Glad that people are doing something about climate change. We need to do something for future generations’ living conditions.

Keywords: Climate Change; Global Warming

00:07:27 - Hopes for the Future

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Partial Transcript: What are your hopes for my generation and how we make or use energy?

Segment Synopsis: Nancy hopes we continue to do more work and is fearful that we aren’t leaving a healthy planet for Beckett’s generation. Jon hopes that Beckett’s generation is able to live and manage and uses more renewable energy. We’ve been slow to change and because of that things might be different for future generations.

Keywords: Generations; Renewable energy

00:08:54 - Final Reflections

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Partial Transcript: Do you have anything you’d like to say about history, climate change, any of the other questions or answers you’d like to add?

Segment Synopsis: Nancy would like to see us move faster for a healthier world for children and grandchildren. Jon thinks we’ve been moving too slow, Europe is moving faster, too many people don’t believe in climate change.

Keywords: Environment; Europe; Progress

00:09:57 - End of Interview