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00:00:08 - Start of Interview/Interviewer’s Introduction.

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Segment Synopsis: Herstand represents 2100 social workers state-wide and lobbies for them at the Capitol. Some members are union members. Concerned about low income families and the impact the bill would have on them. Herstand helps social workers who have ethical dilemmas at work; he discusses the protections afforded to them by unions. His organization supported the protests around the Capitol.

Keywords: National Association of Social Workers; unions

00:02:58 - Experience with protests at the Capitol: behavior and diversity of protesters

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Segment Synopsis: Description of growth of protests outside the Capitol. Herstand describes the rotunda, and the chanting and singing that took place inside. He describes the creativity of the posters, the area designated for families, Ian’s Pizza, the diversity of people present” home health care workers, police, firemen. Closed MMSD for three days and teachers from around the state come to Madison.

00:05:40 - Experience with protests at the Capitol: chants

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Segment Synopsis: Chants and slogans have become part of a protest culture. Buttons, T-shirts and honking car horns to the tune of “This is what Democracy looks like.” Describes a six year old saying “What’s disgusting? Union busting!”

Keywords: buttons; chanting; protest culture

00:07:21 - Experience with protests at the Capitol: attitude toward Scott Walker and the signs of the protesters

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Segment Synopsis: Level of hatred towards the Governor not seen since Vietnam. People very peaceful despite large numbers. Dane County Sheriff asked officers to exercise extreme tolerance. Musical instruments playing “Star Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful.” Constant presence day after day; marches exercising creativity and good humor; it was like political theater. Signs told Walker to stop bullying. Signs about Facebook and Twitter; “the people’s revolution took over the state capitol.”

Keywords: protest culture; signs; social media

00:12:18 - Life of Senators and their staffs during the protests

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Segment Synopsis: Life for the senators (“Fab 14”); staff got 20,000 emails a day while bosses were in Illinois. Staff worked all night along with the protesters. Social workers gave award to four of the South Central democratic senators for their role in the protest. Honored them at the Capitol.

00:14:34 - Peaceful expression of anger and frustration

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Segment Synopsis: People expressed their anger through chants, political theater. Describes recall efforts. Labor leaders’ arrival in Wisconsin. Average people also spoke. After the Capitol closed, people used bullhorns. The sheriff and police exercised extreme tolerance in allowing people into the rotunda, etc. Comment about Wisconsin peoples’ capacity for peacefulness. Civility among the protesters despite Walker’s comments otherwise.

Keywords: political involvement; protest culture

00:18:40 - MH's participation in protests

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Segment Synopsis: MH went to a lot of demonstrations, organized friends from Milwaukee. Some social worker groups organized. Talked to colleges around the country and state about what was going on. Didn’t get up to the microphone.

00:20:13 - General recollections of protests

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Segment Synopsis: MH will never forget the experience of being in the rotunda with the thousands of people chanting - an emotionally moving experience. Describes experience on snowy day, Peter Yarrow singing, Jesse Jackson’s appearance. Watching YouTube video at home of democrats screaming at the republicans who pushed the bill through. Disconcerted by level of anger between democrats and republicans. Character assassination of Judge Maryann Sumi.

Keywords: Jesse Jackson; Peter Yarrow; Wisconsin democrats; Wisconsin legislature

00:25:45 - MH on the future of Wisconsin

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Segment Synopsis: MH describes cuts to education, transportation, the poor, childcare, the political orientation of the state and challenge to republican lawmakers as potential to change political dynamic. He looks forward to 2012.

Keywords: Wisconsin budget; budget cuts

00:30:15 - Importance of political activism

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Partial Transcript: Question: So for people in the future that listening to this, what do you think that you learned the most from it or what could people in the future learn from this whole experience?

Segment Synopsis: Answer: MH urges people to take a stand.