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00:00:00 - Background of UW work. Mr. Irwin's UW position, her work at Ames, Iowa. 00:01:50 - Research in vitamin D with support from Lever Brothers; contemporary interest in nutrition and cholesterol problems, butter vs. oleo; research in digestibility of fats; birth of Irwin children and her disappearance from laboratory. 00:11:15 - Dr. Harry Steenbock: his integrity, problems of being well-known for vitamin D work; attitude toward investment; Christmas parties. 00:17:40 - Other Agricultural Chemistry personalities: Evelyn Van Donk (later Mrs. Steenbock), E.B. Hart, Conrad Elvehjem, Karl Link. 00:22:01 - Milk bulletin prepared by MI and Noble Clark; apparent discrimination by male faculty in not wanting a female author on it; change in attitude as evidenced by 1954 revised version. 00:27:03 - Connection with Home Economics Department; teaching nutrition. 00:28:51 - Red Cross canteen course and popularity of 35¢ lunches; extension work around state; wartime as period of strain but people all working together, contrasted with Korea or Vietnam; canteen course as "disaster class". 00:35:06 - May Reynolds. 00:37:32 - Discrimination against women at UW; nepotism rule enforced when Mr. Irwin became Genetics Department chairman; end of association with Home Economics Department; unwillingness to fight it. 00:41:01 - Farm housing bulletin authored with May Cowles, based on census data. 00:44:11 - The William H. Petersons. 00:45:42 - The Conrad Elvehjems: anecdote about experiment feeding chickens cod liver oil. 00:47:39 - Abby Marlatt. 00:49:31 - Nutrition display case, shared by art education department. 00:51:59 - Greater freedom felt at UW, for faculty expression and voicing of opinions both within departments and between them; also in relations with community and their criticism of university.