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00:00:00 - What drew Kunovic to the Capitol protests.

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Segment Synopsis: Kunovic said that she was first attracted to the protests by the I[heart]UW campaign, which was more about UW and occurred around Valentine’s Day, 2011. As things progressed, however, she became outraged by what she saw as Walker’s flouting of the democratic process.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; I Heart UW campaign; Scott Walker; Teaching Assistants Association

00:03:07 - Stand-out memories of the protests

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Segment Synopsis: Recalling how she basically lived in the Capitol for several weeks, she said that the social relationships she built were what she remembered most. She also recalled Jesse Jackson’s historic visit and a moment at which he began singing “We Will Overcome” and the crowd sang with him in unison. She also remembered the very human interactions that occurred.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; Jesse Jackson; media tracking

00:09:07 - Role and involvement in protest activities

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Segment Synopsis: She talked about tasks like “cutting turf” and trash duty, and then quickly becoming part of the media team, which mobilized people to come out. Then, after they’d won the capitol and numbers of supporters dwindled, she took on different rolls such as volunteer scheduling, lost & found, and leading the media campaign to combat the notion that the protesters were destroying the capitol building.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest;; social media

00:14:34 - Community building in the Capitol

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Segment Synopsis: She emphasized the importance of individuals just taking it upon themselves to start initiatives like trash collection, lending library, child care, etc. She outlined how some of these initiatives got going.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; lending library

00:19:01 - Collecting and disseminating media stories about the protests

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Segment Synopsis: She said that information came from various places, but since all those organizing media were amateurs at it, it was largely individually motivated and driven. She reflected on the sense of solidarity she found from dealing with hits on their website, which she administered.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; media

00:23:14 - Memorable letters received regarding the protests

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Segment Synopsis: She quipped about a Texan whose vernacular “felt so real,” and also a teacher who described her day in a way that put a face on the potential effects of the bill.

Subjects: 2011 Capitol Protest

00:25:36 - Expectations of the protest outcomes

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Segment Synopsis: She reflected her surprise that the capitol part didn’t end after the first night, and at the response of the governor. This led her to muse about how organic the protest had been in responding to what the Governor did, and how surprised she was to see a community organize itself so completely and so quickly.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; Scott Walker; Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill of 2011 (Act 10)

00:33:11 - Effects of the protests on Kunovic

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Segment Synopsis: She found it difficult to process this, being so close to the event and how odd it felt to be alone in her house after the protest was over. She also said that the community of protesters helped her realize how social a being she was and helped her transition to feeling like a Wisconsinite and an American rather than a Canadian and an outsider in some ways.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; Wisconsin

00:36:49 - The larger message of the 2011 Capitol Protest

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Segment Synopsis: While she thought she’d remember the content of the protest, she thought she’d really “take away” the social aspects of the protest. In contrast to rhetoric that said young people were apolitical and apathetic, she felt the protest showed how much of a stake young people had in their political life and how well the democratic process could work.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest; politics

00:40:23 - What should be remembered about the protests

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Segment Synopsis: She felt that whatever happened, the event shouldn’t be forgotten and that democracy was hard-fought and should be defended.

Keywords: 2011 Capitol Protest