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00:00:00 - Name Check and Interview Introduction 00:01:10 - Career Background at the UW Colleges and UW System

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Partial Transcript: Why don't we get started with kind of the like... basics of how you got started with the UW Colleges

Segment Synopsis: Talks about start as a student at UW Richland, career with the Continuing Education department, career changes due to regionalization that cut down on staffing in Continuing Education, and career changes due to restructuring.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW Richland; continuing education; higher education administration; regionalization

00:05:26 - Regionalization, Individual Campus Identities, and Work within Regional Model

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Alright... yeah um, regionalization has definitely come up before as sort of like a piece in this...

Segment Synopsis: Discusses local identities of the campuses and lack of understanding of students of the UW Colleges system. Talks about difficulty of cutting staff, staff identification with their campuses, and moving to a regional model with regionalized marketing and services. Talks about the dislike of regional jobs at local campuses, difficulty of competing for jobs, and difficulty of adjusting to new roles. Talks about difficulty of restructuring after regionalization.

Keywords: UW Colleges; budget; marketing; regionalization; staff; staff culture; student services

00:13:01 - Reaction to Initial Process of Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Yeah, yeah... I guess going into that, how did you find out about the plans to restructure

Segment Synopsis: Talks about process of driving to Janesville and finding out about restructuring through email. Talks about guarantee that employees would retain jobs for up to two years. Discusses reactions including uncertainty following announcement and happiness of other employees.

Keywords: UW Colleges; communication; regionalization; restructuring; staff; staff culture

00:16:55 - Impact of Regionalization on Staff Culture

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Hmm... that's so interesting too because it goes to the point

Segment Synopsis: Talks about the reaction to regionalization, and positive and negative reactions to change. Talks about coworker relationships and difficulty of bringing in new coworkers/hiring new people for regional model during regionalization. Talks about interviewing committees at central office and JL's experience with interviewing and the interviewing process.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; campus culture; human resources; regionalization; restructuring; staff culture

00:23:46 - Continuing Education and Regionalization

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Yeah, yeah I can only imagine. What did that look like from a Continuing Education perspective?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about getting to know communities and regional catalog to reach out to community members. Talks about regional catalog and reaching out to more people, and people that didn't know about the former UW Colleges. Talks about cost-effective marketing such as newspaper inserts.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW Richland; businesses; community; continuing education; marketing; programming; regionalization

00:29:32 - Demographics and Community Engagement in Continuing Education

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Yeah, um, is part of that thinking about maybe the demographics

Segment Synopsis: Talks about targeting and marketing to different groups through Facebook, and need to cater to older audience that might not be using social media, as well as programming and lectures that were advertised. Talks about programming for youth. Moves into discussion about community engagement from community and county in Baraboo, and investment in campus, as well as financial difficulties. Talks about presence of technical colleges at Janesville that Colleges could not compete against.

Keywords: UW Colleges; budget; community; continuing education; demographics; programming; technical colleges

00:34:55 - Restructuring, Communication, and the UW Colleges

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So sort of going into regiona- I mean not regionalization, restructuring...

Segment Synopsis: Talks about optimism of restructuring due to short time frame of regionalization, and similarity of concerns over campus identity and maintenance of services/staff. Talks about "silos" at comprehensives versus adaptability at UW Colleges, and concerns at regional level and at universities. Talks about continuing education instructors.

Keywords: UW Colleges; communication; continuing education; regionalization; restructuring

00:40:41 - Career Movement during Restructuring

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Alright, um so I guess now we're sort of at the phases of restructuring

Segment Synopsis: Talks about decrease in salary and lack of feasibility to work at UW Platteville. Talks about guarantee with UW Colleges to keep jobs until end of restructuring, closing out of programming, and movement to working for Project Management Office. Talks about moving to working on closeout of finances for UW Colleges. Talks about direct involvement in closeout of financial accounts, emotional relationship, and current role as Budget Accountant.

Keywords: UW Colleges; budget; continuing education; finance; restructuring; staff; staff culture

00:44:26 - Work in Admin and Finance Related to UW Colleges

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Um... so for admin and finance you were shutting down the finances?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about work following up with auxiliary services, bursar's office and tax forms, and closeout tasks that needed to work with admin and finance. Talks about working between closeout groups and communicating between those groups, and tasks as small as collecting the mail.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; administration and finance; bursar's office; communication

00:48:31 - Communication and Collaboration within the UW System

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Does anything um like from that process strike you as...

Segment Synopsis: Talks about diversity of universities in running systems and lack of sharing between institutions, and collaboration amongst the UW Colleges due to central offices and support network. Talks about competition for students.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; communication; competition; higher education administration; staff culture

00:51:34 - Communication, Competition, and Final Thoughts

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So I guess... I guess were there specific areas

Segment Synopsis: Talks about competition and lack of sharing, and changes in environment of higher education administration that hurts some campuses. Adds final thoughts about higher education more generally, business aspects of higher education, and difficulties in finances due to lack of students.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; finance; higher education administration; restructuring; staff culture

00:57:38 - End of April 20th 2020 Interview Session.