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00:00:00 - Start of Interview/Introductions 00:00:25 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: So could you just tell me...

Segment Synopsis: Gerry Lisi (GL) was born May 28th, 1947 and grew up in a large catholic family working in the Oscar Mayer factory on the East side of Madison. He went to the Seminary for high school and started school in Madison 1965 and graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Sociology before going to Madison General for Nursing school.

Keywords: East side Madison; Oscar Meyer; Sociology

00:01:18 - Choosing nursing/life before nursing school

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Partial Transcript: So did anything in your background...

Segment Synopsis: His mother was a nurse who graduated from UW Madison. GL did not have many job prospects with his degree and knew he wanted to help people. GL remembers that out of the 100 students in his class, there were 5 men. He thinks that ratio was true for his career. They wanted to get involved with anesthesia which paid more. He remembers protesting and traveling a great deal so being in school with girls fresh out of high school struck him. He recounts a story of them mistaking his name for a woman’s name. GL explains that had been in the 1960’s and that Madison was very active. He gives several examples of the changing world. The school of nursing felt like a “throwback” for him. He explains that he learned to appreciate his classmates.

Keywords: Vietnam War; gender roles

00:09:26 - Living in Madison as a student

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Partial Transcript: And so you said you had been...

Segment Synopsis: GL explains that it wasn’t very different living in Madison and attending nursing school as he did not live in the dorms. He had been living away from his parents since he left for the seminary in high school. He was dating someone in the dorms though. GL explains that there was a great deal of partying. His wife had made more friends there, but they also studied hard. He also worked on the weekends. GL explains he also enjoyed biking and drinking.

Keywords: Independence

00:13:50 - Classes

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Partial Transcript: Kind of shifting back to...

Segment Synopsis: He recounts an anecdote and remembers in his first round of clinicals being given the duty to give a bed bath to a man with bed sores. He learned a lesson about holding back in the women’s world. He explains the advantage he had automatically due to his gender at UW- Madison, but that he did not get that treatment at Madison General. He recounts several other anecdotes, including a story about a student transferring to UW Madison. GL explains that he did not understand the difference between the difference between getting hospital nursing degrees and getting a BSN. He also explains a committee he sat on revolving around licensure. GL remembers learning the fundamentals, then in the second year, learning disease processes. He recalls having a patient with alcohol related liver failure and coming to understand death and the reality of being a nurse. He also recalls a story about a man who came in with a ruptured appendix and asked about the health concerns involving marijuana and the lessons it taught him about approaching medicine with no judgment and with respect. Another experience was the psychiatric clinicals at Mendota Hospital.

Keywords: bed baths; diease; gender roles; marijuana

00:28:29 - Clinical Rotations

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Partial Transcript: And could you tell me a little bit more about...

Segment Synopsis: The last clinical rotation there were on was team leading, which was very stressful because they oversaw the entire unit. One of his classmates was so anxious about this, he would get bloody noses, so he had to drop out. He provides a couple other stories about when he was in clinicals. He explains the mixture of class and clinicals. GL did ICU and his wife went into CCU. He got another degree as well.

Keywords: ICC; Intensive Care

00:33:49 - Challenges at Madison General

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Partial Transcript: So before I completely...

Segment Synopsis: GL answers that he did not really find anything challenging. He learned the clinicals easily, but he does remember instructors who did not like him at all. He recalls his OB rotation, and explains that women didn’t love having a male nurse postpartum. He explains that other nurses had harder times at certain things. GL felt prepared for hospital nursing. The hospital nurses understood that their role would be dictated by the physician. He explains the BSN nurses are better prepared to learn how to be independent.

Keywords: OB; hospital nursing

00:40:25 - Career in nursing

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Partial Transcript: So just tell me a little bit about your career in nursing...

Segment Synopsis: He did ICU work after graduation for a year, then they travelled and went to Eau Claire for 4 years. GL got his Respiratory Therapy certificate. In 1980, he got the job to run the Respiratory Therapy department in Rice Lake, WI for 2 years. He applied for and got the job to head the Emergency department and ambulance service in Rice Lake. He opened the Diabetic Education Center, started a “Quit Smoking” class. He was county coroner for 12 years. In 2010, he became project manager for the computer system coming into the hospital and retired in 2012. Now he volunteers in the Rice Lake Free Clinic and is head of the Baron County Democratic Party. He just approached his career with confidence.

Keywords: Emergency medicine; Respiratory therapy; coroner; free clinic

00:46:56 - Advice for nursing students

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Partial Transcript: And so if anything, what advice...

Segment Synopsis: GL explains that nursing is a career that helps people. He loved the Emergency department and found great satisfaction in helping people so directly. GL tells a story about a woman coming in with a baby that was resuscitated. She had come in a few days before and had been ill treated and felt bad about coming back. He explains that he takes from this story to respect all people. He talks about how he started a sexual assault nurse examiners training program.

Keywords: Emergency medicine; sexual assault nurse examiners

00:52:40 - Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: So is there anything else...

Segment Synopsis: GL appreciated the school and the people he went to school with. It prepared him for the world that needed the workers.

Keywords: education; nursing

00:54:22 - End of Interview