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00:00:00 - Name Check and Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Alright, could you say your name and then

00:00:37 - KM's path to working with UW Colleges

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Partial Transcript: Why don't we start off with um what brought you

Segment Synopsis: Discusses career in the UW Colleges system as a faculty member, interim dean, dean, and then regional executive dean. Discusses multicultural background of Wausau/Marathon County, high standards for Marathon County, and the campus' connections with UW Madison.

Keywords: Academic Standards; Administration; Dean; Diversity; Faculty; Geography; Marathon County; Regionalization; UW Colleges; UW Marathon County; UW System; Wausau

00:05:41 - Benefits of the former UW Colleges for faculty

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Partial Transcript: So, for faculty you talked about teaching

Segment Synopsis: Discusses expectation to do research and standards at UW Marathon County, and need for interdisciplinary interaction.

Keywords: Academic Standards; Faculty; Interdisciplinary; Research; UW Marathon County

00:08:21 - The importance of prior restructuring

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Partial Transcript: So, you talked a little bit about the

Segment Synopsis: Talks about decline in high school classes and recession, as well as budgeting cuts in relation to tuition. Talks about result being regionalization, which meant movement of staff between campuses and some discontent from faculty.

Keywords: Budget Cuts; Recession; Recruiting; Regionalization; Restructuring; Students; Tuition

00:15:10 - Lessons learned from regionalization

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Partial Transcript: Do you think that there were

Segment Synopsis: Talks about "lean" staffing at UW Colleges after regionalization, and internal move towards standardization on issues surrounding communication, deadlines, and issues surrounding academics. Talks about external reactions, and going into communities to convey a continuation of high standards. Discussion moves into nuances of issues such as classifying course catalogs.

Subjects: Academic Standards; Community Outreach; Courses; Regionalization; Staff; UW Colleges

00:23:13 - Potential problems with restructuring stemming from regional communities

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Partial Transcript: When I look at like the

Segment Synopsis: Discusses differences between communities in the North Region (Marshfield, Rice Lake, Marinette), and expectations of former UW College campuses when integrating into different four year schools. Discusses Steven's Point and Wausau as an example where the restructuring effort was not seamless, in part due to Wausau's connection with UW Madison.

Keywords: Communities; Economics; Green Bay; Marinette; Marshfield; Regionalization; Restructuring; Rice Lake; Sheboygan; Steven's Point; Stout; UW Colleges; Wausau

00:27:45 - The mission of the UW Colleges and The Wisconsin Idea

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Partial Transcript: Yeah um that atleast the

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the Wisconsin Idea and historical legacy of the counties/UW Madison at UW Steven's Point and Wausau. Talks about influence of normal schools and Madison extension, and connection between Wausau and Madison.

Keywords: Counties; Extension; UW Madison; UW Steven's Point; Wausau; Wisconsin Idea

00:32:45 - KM elaborates on recruiting

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Partial Transcript: You said something about recruiting

Segment Synopsis: Discusses influence of recession on retention for UW Colleges, loss of high school students, and impact of regionalization on recruitment at high schools. Talks about impact of recruitment being centralized in Madison on the UW Colleges/recruitment.

Keywords: High School Students; Recession; Recruiting; Regionalization; Students; UW Colleges; UW Madison

00:42:25 - KM expands on the importance of speaking with state legislators

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Partial Transcript: Could expand on like why that's

Segment Synopsis: KM explains the chain of administrators he speaks with and illustrates the importance of building communication between him and state legislators.

Keywords: Admissions; Counties; County Adminstrators; Fees; State Legislators; Tuition; UW Colleges

00:45:33 - How to pay for clubs and athletics

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Partial Transcript: So like clubs and athletics

Segment Synopsis: Discusses segregated fees, athletics, and clubs . Talks about importance of colleges for community culture, and factors such as distance and faculty retention.

Keywords: Athletics; Clubs; Community; Culture; Faculty; Fees

00:51:00 - Personal Conversation

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Partial Transcript: Upstate New York has- Oh you're from

Segment Synopsis: Friendly chat about NYC

Keywords: New York; New York City

00:54:39 - Closing remarks/end of interview

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Partial Transcript: Um alright! Do you have

Segment Synopsis: Did not feel he had anything else he would like to add.