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00:00:00 - Start of Interview/Introductions 00:00:26 - Early life - Immigration to the United States

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Partial Transcript: To jump into question...

Segment Synopsis: Gloria Moy (GM) was born in Hong Kong. In 1947, her family moved to California and Ohio, before ending up in Wisconsin. GM explains that they lived in Hong Kong during the war, then moved to mainland China when Japan occupied Hong Kong. They then went back to Hong Kong. Her father moved to the U.S. before she was born. Her mother and her were not allowed to go until after the war. She was 8 when they travelled to the United States. GM remembers the places being attacked, but she does not remember a lot of it. Her family told her about needing to hide etc. She mostly remembers being with her mother and aunt.

Keywords: Hong Kong; Immigrant Experience; Japanese Occupation; World War II; immigration

00:04:47 - Early life - Moving in the U.S.

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Partial Transcript: And when you moved to California...

Segment Synopsis: Her father worked at a restaurant called the Chop House in Beloit, WI initially. And during the war, he was in Canada worked as a civilian telegraph operator, not in the service. He was able to bring the rest of their family over in 1947, they lived in San Francisco Chinatown. There was a special class for the new immigrant children to learn English. She had been in school in Hong Kong, so she had to learn English. She explains they lived in California for around three years before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio. She thinks by then she was speaking good enough English and was integrated into school. Her parents went into the restaurant business with a cousin of his, so they moved to Ohio and opened a Chinese restaurant. She went there in 5th grade and went to high school there. She was old for her grade and so she finished high school in three years. She was 19 when she graduated from high school. She has a brother about 10 years younger than her, and 2 sisters younger than him.

Keywords: Beloit, WI; Chinatown; English; English Language Learning; Immigrant Experience; restaurants

00:11:32 - Choosing nursing

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Partial Transcript: And was there anything in your background...

Segment Synopsis: GM does not think so. She notes there were not very many available opportunities. She was more inclined to architecture or interior design probably. She did not think she could be a doctor. She had a scholarship for nursing, and it was faster to become a nurse. She used process of elimination. She did not want to be a secretary or teacher. GM explains that she thought that it would be a good job. It was something that was an occupation. GM explains that she was living in Cincinnati when she applied, but her parents moved to Monroe, WI. They moved in the middle of her senior year, but she chose to stay in Ohio to finish high school. So, she applied to Madison General and received a scholarship. She chose Madison General to be closer to her family.

Keywords: Madison General; Ohio; Wisconsin; oppurtunities

00:18:51 - First impressions of Madison General

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Partial Transcript: And what years did you attend...

Segment Synopsis: She attended Madison General from 1957-1960. It was a three-year program. Her cousin also went to Madison General and graduated from 5 to 10 years before her. GM answers that it was mostly white. She considers her and her cousin some of the first minority students. The other schools that they affiliated with were also white. Her classmates were from all over. GM explains it was not that much different from Cincinnati. They were similar sizes, population demographics and both were university towns. She also didn’t find it much different from San Francisco either. The people she associated with did not discriminate against her. GM answers 42 students. And they graduated as 32, so they lost 10 along the way. She tells of her friend who dropped out for a husband and he ended up passing early.

Keywords: Chinese; Madison General; cousins; minority students

00:29:28 - Life in the dorms

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Partial Transcript: Well did you live in the dorms...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains that she lived in the dorms all three years. She lived in McConnell Hall. [Prompted to explain more] She loved it. She explains that they all did everything together. For the first year, they attended the University. When it was really cold, they would take a cab together. She realizes that her friends had names in alphabetical clumps. GM explains that they had some reunions. She also has a few friends who she still keeps close in touch with. When they got married, they all got spread out GM explains that it was nothing to complain about but nothing to brag about.

Keywords: Friendship; McConnell Hall; fun

00:36:24 - Social and recreational activities

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Partial Transcript: What were some of the...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains that some of it was class related. They had school related socials. They had tea every couple of months. They also had dances. They also went out on their own. The went to the beach and on picnics. They visited one of their friend’s family farms and rode horses. They also went to different churches. They also dated.

Keywords: church; dances; horses; socials; tea

00:40:45 - Nursing arts skills

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Partial Transcript: And so moving on to your education...

Segment Synopsis: They learned how to make beds. They practiced skills on mannequins. They had the classrooms in McConnell Hall. They practiced skills on each other as well. They practiced injections and stuff like that. The nursing instructors that were there the entire time, while others taught a particular class. They went to Milwaukee Children’s for Pediatrics. They also went to the VA hospital and Mendota Psychiatric Hospital. They were mixed with other schools in the area during that time.

Keywords: bedmaking; injections; learning; practice

00:44:41 - Milwaukee Children's

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk about those...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains it wasn’t that different from the other hospitals. They were caring for children. GM explains she did like it. During their OB affiliation to watch a delivery, and the doctor mistook her for a doctor and told her to deliver the baby, and she just corrected him.

Keywords: OB; Pediatrics; delievery

00:46:38 - VA Hospital/PTSD

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Partial Transcript: And at the VA...

Segment Synopsis: GM does not this they were diagnosing that at that time. They were not thinking about the emotional trauma. The only time they were pushed into the emotion was in the psychiatric hospital. They were not really teaching them to be aware of that.

Keywords: Vietnam War; emotional trauma

00:48:32 - Mendota Psychiatric Hopsital

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Partial Transcript: What was your experience...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains that all of the experiences were very new. They were seeing what institutionalized patients were like. They saw the most severe cases as well. They were really walking around like zombies because they were so drugged. After she graduated, she worked at a similar place, and they were doing a lot of shock treatments, insulin comas and other outdated practices.

Keywords: electroshock treatment; insulin comas; new; treatments

00:51:52 - Classes

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Partial Transcript: What were your academic classes like?

Segment Synopsis: GM remembers anatomy, physiology and nursing classes taught by their instructors. The science classes were never a problem for her. They were new to everyone, but all good for her. The nursing arts were also new to everyone.

Keywords: anatomy; new; physiology

00:54:13 - Faculty

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Partial Transcript: And were there any...

Segment Synopsis: GM remembers two faculty one named Smith and the other one named Schmidt, which she found funny. They were tough, but not mean or anything. They were good educators.

Keywords: educators; learning; teaching

00:55:23 - Unusual Practices

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Partial Transcript: Do you think that there were any...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains they were taught the protocol for the time. She cannot think of anything that they learned wrong or anything like that. She notes that she believes Madison General put out a lot of really good nurses.

Keywords: protocol; teaching

00:56:44 - Qualities of a good nurse/Career choices

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Partial Transcript: What do you think makes a good nurse?

Segment Synopsis: GM explains compassion, helping the patient physically and emotionally. She notes her admiration for nurses working now. She wonders what her reaction would be to the current coronavirus pandemic. She is glad she isn’t in the current situation. She is glad that she became a nurse, although after graduation, she found there were parts of nursing she did not care for. [Prompted to explain] She worked in the psychiatric hospital for a few years, then took a break to have her children and worked in the office. She then worked in the insurance industry. She explains that she used her education away from the hospital setting. GM doesn’t know. She did not want to be a bedside nurse. She did not like when people died.

Keywords: compassion; death; helping; insurance

01:02:40 - Career

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Partial Transcript: And your first job was at a...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains she worked there for around a year in New York. She worked with patients during and after shock therapy. GM explains she worked in surgery in the Marine hospital in New York. GM explains she did not work in those jobs for very long. So, she did not do any bedside nursing other than her training. She really enjoyed her time in the insurance industry. This was when computers were coming in. They were hiring medical professionals to work on billing, and putting values to surgeries etc. She worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield. She notes that it was all new and she enjoyed it a lot. She used her medical knowledge but in a new way. She did that for over 10 years.

Keywords: Blue Cross Blue Shield; Insurance; New York; bedside nursing

01:10:34 - Returning to Madison

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever return to Madison?...

Segment Synopsis: GM explains she goes there a lot. Her family lives around there. She loves to eat downtown and go to the Union. She also goes to all the reunions. She notes the diversity of the class. They have lawyers, nuns, teachers and people lived all over as well. [Asks interviewer about the other interviews]

Keywords: Union; downtown; family

01:14:48 - Advice/Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Well what advice would you give...

Segment Synopsis: GM recommends enjoying what they are doing. There are so many choices now. She also mentions dedication. GM notes that the interview brought her attention to some things and kicks up some memories. [Asks about the interview process]

Keywords: dedication; passion

01:17:15 - End of Interview