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00:00:00 - Name Check and Interview Introduction 00:00:48 - Background in Financial Aid and Work as Financial Aid Director

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Why don't we start with your background, so what is your background in higher education

Segment Synopsis: Discusses background in admissions and financial aid at several universities, and movement to UW Milwaukee as Director of Financial Aid. Talks about work as a financial aid director and working with procedures, the federal government, and allocating resources for students.

Keywords: UW Milwaukee; admissions; financial aid; higher education administration; student affairs

00:03:52 - Work on Restructuring Committees and Relationship of Financial Aid to Restructuring Process

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Partial Transcript: LEH: How long did you hold your position before restructuring started

Segment Synopsis: Discusses leadership of financial aid subcommittee in the UW System, additional work in Madison due to restructuring throughout 2018, and continued work in approval process until 2019. Talks about work within financial aid subcommittee, registrar's office and impact of financial aid on campuses as a whole, as well as sitting in on meetings for guidance on regulations.

Keywords: Steering Committee; UW System; financial aid; receiving institutions; restructuring

00:08:14 - Financial Aid, Input of the Department of Education, and Student Submission of Financial Aid

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Yeah so could you expand on that, sort of the process of

Segment Synopsis: Talks about importance of financial aid for students in the UW System, and say of the federal Department of Education in allocation. Talks about need for approval to provide associate degree level financial aid through an accreditor at receiving institutions, and movement of timeline/processing financial aid as a result.

Moves to discussion of what students see of the financial aid process. Discusses lack of difference in processing for students and process of submitting financial aid in the first year of restructuring, despite difference in name of institution.

Keywords: Department of Education; UW Milwaukee; UW System; accreditation; financial aid; financial aid processing; student services; timeline

00:12:55 - Processing of Financial Aid and Financial Aid Need at Branch Campuses

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Yeah, so could you expand on that a little, has that process

Segment Synopsis: Talks about confusion for students with FAFSA form, and filling out the form with the code for the UW Colleges, not the receiving institution. Talks about lack of difference in eligibility for state and federal grants at new branch campuses, but difference in tuition costs and need to borrow less.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW System; branch campuses; financial aid; processing; receiving institutions; student information services; tuition

00:17:43 - Learning About Restructurings and Restructuring Process

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Partial Transcript: LEH: I guess sort of going back to that um beginning financial aid team

Segment Synopsis: Talks about first meeting and consulting with members of the UW System, an official at Kennesaw State involved in a restructuring in Georgia, the Department of Education, and gathering information. Talks about new nature of the project and learning experience.

Keywords: Steering Committee; UW System; higher education administration; restructuring; timeline

00:20:49 - Community Concerns and Responses

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Could you expand on what some of those questions were

Segment Synopsis: Talks about questions of who was processing financial aid, the timeline of restructuring, and providing information. Talks about legislators questions, need for reassurance, and reassuring that students wouldn't be harmed.

Keywords: community relations; financial aid; restructuring; student services; timeline

00:23:32 - Approval Processing, Financial Aid Processing, and Financial Aid Timelines

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So while you were working with this team, did you find that

Segment Synopsis: Talks about approval process and delay of approvals due to things at the Department of Education. Talks about backend of approval process, need to access government systems, and delay in order to lessen impact on students between receiving institutions. Talks about problems at UW Oshkosh due to delays in approval process from the Department of Education.

Keywords: Department of Education; UW Colleges; UW System; accreditation; branch campus; financial aid; receiving institutions; student information systems

00:28:37 - Policies and Procedures in Financial Aid between Campuses

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Partial Transcript: LEH: I think, that brings up kind of like the thing of like the policy

Segment Synopsis: Talks about difference in disbursement between two and four year schools, and difference in concept of "satisfactory progress" at former UW Colleges. Talks about measurement of satisfactory progress in GPA and completion of classes that is monitored and will lead to graduation. Notes that this is measured by the Department of Education.

Keywords: Department of Education; UW Colleges; UW Milwaukee; UW System; branch campus; financial aid; higher education policies; receiving institution

00:32:09 - Scholarships and Foundations at Branch Campuses

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Partial Transcript: LEH: So I was wondering if you could expand on if there are any

Segment Synopsis: Talks about role of foundations as separate entities that raise money, and selecting students for scholarships. Talks about differences in processes between foundations, and accommodating foundations.

Keywords: UW Colleges; UW Milwaukee; UW System; county relations; financial aid; foundations; scholarship

00:37:13 - Timeline of Restructuring, Initial Knowledge of Restructuring, and Transfer of Information

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Let's see, we've talked about sort of the

Segment Synopsis: Talks about aggressive nature of timeline, and discussions with people who had gone through similar timelines. Talks about lack of knowledge of process and need to accomplish goals of project, and getting it done. Talks about impact of transferring information from different software systems, and parcelling out student information to seven different institutions. Talks about one to seven versus one to one ratio of restructuring.

Keywords: UW System; communication; restructuring; student information systems; timeline

00:44:32 - Communication between Financial Aid Staff and within Financial Aid Committees

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Partial Transcript: LEH: Could you expand on that, is that talking with different departments

Segment Synopsis: Talks about differences between cooperation in financial aid and other areas of higher education. Talks about discussion withs coworkers, the importance of mapping out different processes, and allocation of funding.

Keywords: UW System; budget; committees; communication; financial aid; restructuring

00:48:55 - Final Thoughts and Discussion of Project

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Partial Transcript: TO: So are you interviewing all the restructuring groups or

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of project goals and scope of project.

Keywords: UW System; restructuring

00:51:48 - End of July 2nd 2020 Interview Session.