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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Alright, so today is January 28, 2016. I am interviewing David Schoenbaum.

00:00:32 - Choosing University of Wisconsin

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Partial Transcript: So, David, the first question I ask is a pretty general one.

Segment Synopsis: Approached by Herbert Howe of Ford Program. Wanted to attend University of Chicago. Graduated from HS in Milwaukee. Little previous association with UW.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Herbert Howe; Milwaukee; UW-Madison; University of Chicago; University of Wisconsin; college counselor; school counselor

00:02:38 - Impressions of Madison and UW

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Partial Transcript: Do you recall, as you came here, what your initial impressions were, first of the campus?

Segment Synopsis: Lived in Lakeshore dorms. Class registration process.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Herbert Howe; Lakeshore dorms; Madison, Wisconsin; Tripp Hall; UW-Madison; campus housing; campus life; class registration; field house; punch cards; residence halls

00:04:54 - Memories of Herbert Howe

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Partial Transcript: So what are -- You mentioned him a couple of times. What are your memories of the Howes?

Segment Synopsis: Admiring relationship. Kind and accommodating.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Herbert Howe

00:06:22 - Dorm life at 16

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Partial Transcript: So, did you have a roommate at the dorm?

Segment Synopsis: Had no issues with being young. Sense of liberation. Not considered outstanding for being youngest student in class.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; UW-Madison; dorm life; residence halls; roommates

00:07:23 - Joined Integrated Liberal Studies

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Partial Transcript: David, did you--- You talked about Dr. Howe telling you what to do and you did it.

Segment Synopsis: Joined ILS, stayed until the end, and no regrets.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Herbert Howe; ILS; Integrated Liberal Studies; UW-Madison; medical school; pre-med

00:08:14 - Campus social life

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Partial Transcript: You've already mentioned couple of times that you lived in the dorm...

Segment Synopsis: Social life on and around campus

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Madison, Wisconsin; UW-Madison; campus life; socializing

00:08:59 - Memorable classes

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Partial Transcript: During your time here on campus-- I have some general questions about what you experienced...

Segment Synopsis: Classics lecturers. Profs Agard and McKendrick. Discusses college advisors. Time in University Orchestra. Deep impression made by Geneticist Jim Crow. Playing music in Crow's home. Crow assists in changing fraternities exclusionary clauses.

Keywords: Classics Department; Elizabeth Brandeis; Ford Scholars; Herbert Howe; ILS; Integrated Liberal Studies; James Crow; Jim Crow; Paul McKendrick; Richard Church; UW-Madison; University Orchestra; Walter Agard; academic advisor; fraternity integration; genetics; humanities; viola

00:14:43 - Interest in viola

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Partial Transcript: David, could we go back to the viola? I'm going to assume here, but you can elaborate...

Segment Synopsis: First interest in Viola in HS. Violinist "by origin". Recalls borrowing tuxedo from Howe for concert. Recalls experiences in University Orchestra.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Herbert Howe; Richard Church; UW-Madison; University Orchestra; viola

00:17:04 - Central European intellectual faculty

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Partial Transcript: David, what about your fellow students--

Segment Synopsis: Discusses the Central European refugee diaspora. Memories of early scholars--Mosse, et al.

Keywords: Central European refugee; George Mosse; Hans Gerth; Oskar Hagen; Rudolf Kolisch; UW-Madison; art historian; sociology

00:18:09 - UW campus buildings

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Partial Transcript: Since we're still on professors and classes, what were some of the buildings you took classes in...

Segment Synopsis: Classes in Bascom. Job scooping ice cream in Babcock. New library and memories of moving books.

Keywords: Babcock Hall; Babcock hall dairy store; Babcock ice cream; Bascom Hill; Memorial library; UW-Madison; WHS; Wisconsin State Historical Society

00:19:34 - Fellow Ford Scholars

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Partial Transcript: So David, let's talk about your fellow students, and first, perhaps, if there were Ford Scholars...

Segment Synopsis: Friends and fellow Ford Scholars. ILS and social life.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; ILS; Integrated Liberal Studies; UW-Madison; cohort

00:21:03 - Memorable hangouts

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Partial Transcript: So-- Were there spaces off campus where you would either go get a bite to eat or something that stand out.

Segment Synopsis: Favorite off campus and campus hangouts.

Keywords: Madison, Wisconsin; Memorial Union Terrace; Rathskeller; UW-Madison; campus life; pizzeria

00:22:05 - Extracurriculars

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Partial Transcript: David, were you -- Did you attend church while you were here on campus?

Keywords: Daily Cardinal; Intramural sports; UW-Madison; concert reviews; intramural softball; religious life; student organizations

Subjects: Religious experience. Worked for Daily Cardinal as a concert reviewer. Athletics.

00:23:21 - Campus politics

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Partial Transcript: I think you alluded to this earlier when you talked about Jim Crow's involvement in the changing of the fraternity charters...

Segment Synopsis: Door-to-door campaigns during McCarthy-era. McCarthyism on campus. Moved by debate between politicians over the screening of guest speakers at universities.

Keywords: Campus politics; Ford Scholars; Joseph McCarthy; Labor Youth league; McCarthyism; UW-Madison; UW-Whitewater; University of Wisconsin; anti-communism; campus speakers; censorship; free speech; political debate

00:28:16 - Leaving UW-Madison

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Partial Transcript: So now I just have some final questions. This one, I'm guessing, is sort of obvious...

Segment Synopsis: Leaving the University. Dropping out of Med. School. Odd jobs. MA candidacy in history. Stringer for Milwaukee Journal. Leaves for Iowa in 57. Submits an MA essay in economic history.

Keywords: George Mosse; Iowa; Milwaukee Journal; Red Dot Potato Chips; Rondo Cameron; graduate school; graduation; journalism; medical school; odd jobs

00:29:43 - Off-campus housing

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Partial Transcript: So I assume, after you graduated, you lived off-campus for a few years...

Segment Synopsis: Slum apartment on Mound Street. One of two Wisconsin Ford Scholars. Discusses race of other Ford Scholar.

Keywords: Madison General Hospital; Mound Street; off-campus housing

00:30:22 - More on fellow Ford Scholars

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Partial Transcript: But I think you want to know, you know, if you haven't already...

Segment Synopsis: Only one of two Wisconsin Ford Scholars. Discusses race of another Ford Scholar.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin; black students

00:32:00 - Returning to Madison after college

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Partial Transcript: How often or do you come back to campus since you left?

Segment Synopsis: Returns to campus. Ford Scholar reunions. Landing job at the Milwaukee Journal stringer in 56 or 57.

Keywords: Babcock dairy store; Babcock ice cream; Ford Scholars; Iowa City; Madison; Memorial Union terrace; Milwaukee; Milwaukee Journal; On Wisconsin Magazine; reunions

00:34:03 - Influence of UW

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Partial Transcript: So, final thoughts, if any, about the influence of being a Ford Scholar...

Segment Synopsis: Final thoughts on influence of UW, college life.

Keywords: Ford Scholars; Michael Petrovich; UW-Madison; college life; coming of age

00:35:50 - Music, film, and arts on campus

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Partial Transcript: Did you-- one more thing. Did you continue to play the violin or viola?

Segment Synopsis: Continuing musical practice. Published book on the violin. Longstanding string quartet. Invention of artist-in-residence in the 1930s. Officer in the film society. Relationship to extension division and College of Agriculture.

Keywords: 16mm film; College of Agriculture; Henry Breitrose; Pro Arte Quartet; UW-Extension; UW-Madison; University Orchestra; University of Wisconsin; Viola; Violin; artist-in-residence; film screenings; film society; foreign films; music history; publishing

00:39:34 - Changes in student athletics since 1950s

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Partial Transcript: David, I don't have any other questions. Do you have any other things that have come to mind...

Segment Synopsis: Shared a class with university football players

Keywords: UW-Madison; college football; student athletes

00:40:57 - End of Interview