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00:00:00 - Start of Interview/Introductions 00:00:29 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: So just give me a little background...

Segment Synopsis: Fung Scholz (FS) grew up in Beloit, WI which was very agricultural. She had six siblings lost her father at age 12. She explains how her mother of Asian descent had trouble with English, so a lot of responsibility was left to the children. Her parents immigrated from China. She had a lot of jobs. She ironed at age 12. Her brothers delivered newspapers. And she even filled in for a tailor during the war. FS recounts her brother injuring himself playing kickball and they had to go to the hospital. That is when she decided that she wanted to be a nurse. FS explains she had a friend at Madison General at that time.

Keywords: Beloit WI; China; farming

00:04:55 - Preconceptions/Cadet Nursing Program

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Partial Transcript: And did you have any perception...

Segment Synopsis: FS explains that her friend told her that the accommodations were nice and that the people were friendly. FS says she was in the Cadet Nurses Program [Interviewer prompts her to tell her more about the program] FS explains that they were issued a military-esc uniform. During the war, they were given free transportation when in uniform. FS explains that the program requires that they either join the military after or work at a veteran’s hospital. But the war ended before she graduated, so she did not need to fill this requirement. She attended Madison General from 1944-1947.

Keywords: Cadet Nurses Program; uniforms

00:07:10 - First Impressions/Life in Madison

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Partial Transcript: And what were your first impressions of Madison?

Segment Synopsis: FS explains that she had been to Madison before but that she liked it and that it felt like a very busy place. She explains that she often visited the Vilas Zoo. FS lived in Rest Harrow, a dorm at that time. She notes that they made friends quickly. FS explains that they went on walks and to the zoo. She notes that she went to an Asian student club on the university to try to find someone to date.

Keywords: Rest Harrow; Vilas Zoo

00:09:33 - Experiencing racism

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Partial Transcript: So did you have any experience...

Segment Synopsis: FS says that while she experienced racism at home, she did not experience it in Madison. FS explains that they all worked hard and achieved high education. [there is a bit of back and forth about another nurse Alice Kanagaki and FS begins to tell story after clarifying Alice had not told it] On the first day of school, FS got called into the office and asked if she would get along with a Japanese student who was coming to the school. But she notes that Alice (the Japanese student) and her became close friends. She explains a Round-Robin-Letter, which is a way her friends from Madison General stay in touch.

Keywords: high education; negative feelings

00:13:23 - Classes

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Partial Transcript: Alright so gearing back towards...

Segment Synopsis: FS explains the classes were small. Her classes started in the fall, and the lectures covered a variety of topics. She remembers specifically her professional ethics class. She explains that it was about acting professional, and to be respectful. FS explains bedmaking, sterilizing instruments and sharpening needles were the jobs of nurses. She notes that there was no housekeeping; the nurses took care of all of that. FS explains they gave shots. They could not do IVs, but they set those things up. She explains that insulin was discovered around that time as well.

Keywords: bedmaking; lectures; professional ethics; sterilization

00:17:13 - Faculty

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Partial Transcript: so do you remember any faculty...

Segment Synopsis: FS says all the faculty was important. She kept in touch with her nursing arts teacher.

Keywords: Nursing arts; teachers

00:17:45 - Memories/Challenges

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Partial Transcript: And what was one of the first...

Segment Synopsis: FS explains she became an OR nurse and she loved it. She explains that she had trouble with Chemistry.

Keywords: Chemistry; OR nursing

00:19:27 - Unusual practices

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Partial Transcript: So were there any practices or methods...

Segment Synopsis: She explains that the medication was a bit different, the narcotics were locked in a cabinet, and you would need to log everything. FS explains that they had chapel, curfew on weeknights at 10 o’clock and lights out. She explains that they would turn the lights out even if they were not done studying. FS notes that the food in the cafeteria was very good. FS continues that everyone was very kind.

Keywords: chapel; curfew; meals

00:24:01 - Clinical rotation in Cook County

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Partial Transcript: And while you were a student...

Segment Synopsis: FS explains they went to Cook county for six months. She explains that it was a bit frightening. They did psychiatry and pediatrics in hospitals there. She explains the morgue and seeing hydrocephalus babies. In the dormitories of those hospitals, and there was a tunnel to get to the hospital. FS explains it was very mixed. She tells a story about meeting other girls in her time there. FS explains that it was structured the same as in Madison, and that they were there for six months. They rotated who went down there. FS explains that she thinks it was pretty on par with other nurses’ schools especially because of the Cadet Nurses Program.

Keywords: Chicago, IL; hydrocephalus; morgue; pediatrics; psychiatry

00:28:07 - Post-graduation

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Partial Transcript: No worries and is there anything else...

Segment Synopsis: FS explains that she went back to her hometown of Beloit to work after she graduated and started the first emergency room at Beloit Hospital in May 1948. FS explains that there were a lot of opportunities for nurses. FS explains that she became a surgical nurse but one of her friends became a public health nurse. After Beloit, she went to Milwaukee with Alice Kaganaki and work out their BSN’s at Marquette, while they worked as nurses. But then FS got married and went back to Beloit and worked part time after that.

Keywords: Emergency Medicine; Marquette University; public health

00:32:36 - Post World War II Attitudes

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Partial Transcript: And was there any lasting impression...

Segment Synopsis: FS explains that the spirits were so high, and that there was a lot of celebration. FS had two brothers and a boyfriend were in the war.

Keywords: World War II; celebration

00:33:37 - Memories from nursing career

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Partial Transcript: So and sorry going back to post Madison...

Segment Synopsis: She worked full time for three years, and part time for a while. FS remembers her close friendships with other nursing students. FS notes that everyone went into different fields, and that a lot of them got married and did not go back to nursing

Keywords: career; friendship; industrial nursing

00:35:38 - Reunions

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Partial Transcript: So did you ever return to Madison...

Segment Synopsis: FS answers that she went to the reunions but that there are less of them now. She has met alumni from other classes at the reunions.

Keywords: alumni; reunions

00:36:22 - Advice for nursing students

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Partial Transcript: And so what advice...

Segment Synopsis: FS strongly recommends nursing. She notes that there is a lot of variety and that the pay is good now.

Keywords: variety

00:37:17 - Final thoughts from first interview

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Segment Synopsis: FS says that the Cadet Nurse Program was a good opportunity.

Keywords: Cadet Nurse Program

00:38:55 - End of first interview 00:38:55 - Start of second interview 00:39:26 - Clarification of names/dates

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Partial Transcript: Alright just for clarification...

Segment Synopsis: Her birthdate is 1926 and her maiden name is Wong.

00:39:39 - Cadet Nursing Program/Choosing nursing

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Partial Transcript: Ok so in our original interview...

Segment Synopsis: She had actually had a friend who was in a higher class year than her who had been in the cadet nurses program who encouraged FS to pursue that education. Scholz said that she wanted to be a nurse after she visited the operating room at Beloit hospital. She had been to the hospital because her brother had had an injury while playing football in which he split his lip, so Scholz accompanied him to a hospital in Beloit. That is where she saw the nurses and knew she wanted to pursue that as a career. She continues describing the Cadet Nurses Program. She explained that Congress had voted to pass an act which would allocate scholarship money for those nurses who would join the cadet program. This deal came about as a result of nurses going off to war leaving the demand for them high at home. It covered all those students’ expenses and they were issued a uniform.

Keywords: Beloit Hospital; federal funding; injury

00:42:27 - Family response

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Partial Transcript: So did your family have any opinions or...

Segment Synopsis: She replied with a negative to that, claiming that her older brother was in service and her mother had been a widow since she was twelve years old. Her older brother was classified differently because he was head of the family at fourteen. She also stated that she and her siblings had always worked to fill the needs of the family.

Keywords: acceptance; family

00:44:01 - World War II

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Partial Transcript: So were there any...

Segment Synopsis: FS was still in high school when the war began, and in her hometown most of the boys had left to go to war. She experienced rationing among many different items. FS brought her rationing books to school.

Keywords: Rationing; War

00:45:25 - Changes in nursing profession

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Partial Transcript: So speaking of transition I guess...

Segment Synopsis: FS remembered that during her professional career Penicillin was developed, which was very technical with lots of care around its use. She claimed that it was often locked up alongside narcotics and the nurses were trained very specifically to use it in practice. She also described the technical procedure. She has talked to many people who have graduated nursing school recently and believes that they are not given enough clinical practice before they enter the work world. FS had such hands on experience before she even graduated that she felt completely comfortable working any job. She did not feel her identity ever impeded or affected her professional or student life.

Keywords: Penicillin; narcotics; training

00:49:28 - Class position

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Partial Transcript: And did you hold any position in your class...

Segment Synopsis: She had been class president and her friend Alice had been vice president. It was more of an honorary title, she did not remember having any real duties.

Keywords: class president; duties; honor

00:50:13 - Final thoughts of second interview

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Partial Transcript: And I guess is there anything else...

Segment Synopsis: She was very grateful for the opportunity that Madison General offered her as well as the cadet nurses program, for if they hadn’t existed at the right moment she probably wouldn’t have become a nurse.

Keywords: friendships; oppurtunity

00:51:00 - End of second interview