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00:00:00 - Interview's Introduction & Sound Check 00:00:37 - Decision to attend UW

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Segment Synopsis: Yale was not co-ed. Columbia would have meant living at home. His brother was at Chicago, so Wisconsin was left.

00:02:04 - Hearing about the Ford Scholar Program

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Segment Synopsis: Brochure circulated at the University of Chicago where his brother saw it. Taking the test.

00:03:34 - Growing up in semi-rural New York

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Segment Synopsis: Growing up semi-rural in Westchester County, NY. 28 people in his class in HS.

00:05:34 - Tradition of higher education in the Miller family

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Segment Synopsis: Yorktown Heights and limited traditions for higher education in the community. Both parents and both maternal grandparents were college graduates.

Subjects: University of Nebraska Lincoln

00:06:51 - Academic successes

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Segment Synopsis: Test scores stand out against more marginal academic record. "Idiosyncratic home runs".

00:07:57 - Previous travel experiences / Getting to Madison

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Segment Synopsis: Limited visits to the West. First trip to Madison was a solo train trip through Chicago. Had a car during second and third years. Brother's mental health problems.

Keywords: University of Chicago

00:11:20 - Initial impressions of Madison & UW

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Segment Synopsis: Initial reactions to Madison. Welcomed by Herbert Howe. Marked difference between DS high school experience and those of other Ford Scholars.

Keywords: GI Bill; Herbert Howe

00:15:27 - Living in Madison

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Segment Synopsis: Living off campus first year. Roommate from affluent New York family.

Keywords: Dayton Street

00:16:18 - Registration process & ROTC physical

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Segment Synopsis: Registration process. Getting a TB test during ROTC physical. ROTC exemption. Took ILS at Howe's recommendation. Familiarity among ILS cohort.

Keywords: Herbert Howe; ILS; draft; military service

00:20:09 - Relationship with Herbert and Evelyn Howe

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Segment Synopsis: DS says many students were very close with the Howe's, but DS was not one of them. However, Howe was the key resource for early students. DS recalls him as paternal and warm.

Keywords: Herbert Howe

00:21:43 - Visits to Madison after Ford program

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Segment Synopsis: DS discusses visits made to Madison while his son attended the university in the early 1980s. Also visits during the 1980s and 1990s for the State Investment Board.

00:22:57 - Relationship with other Ford Scholars / Residence in Madison

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Segment Synopsis: DS does not remember going home to first year, so the other Ford Scholars were his social circle.

Keywords: 22 North Butler Street; Frank Lloyd Wright; Lake Monona; West Dayton Street

00:25:28 - Commuting to and from campus

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Partial Transcript: So that second year, I guess, it was nice to have a car

Segment Synopsis: DS discusses getting his driver's license before coming to Madison as an "indication of how young and isolated" he was before going to Wisconsin. Commuting from farm house residence to campus. Eating on campus.

00:27:17 - Working while at UW

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Segment Synopsis: DS worked during his second and third years at the Edgewater Hotel, which he says changed the way he studied.

Keywords: Edgewater Hotel

00:31:50 - Study habits and classes

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Segment Synopsis: DS discusses his study habits, which were mostly cramming. Describes classes he remembers, including classics and political science, as well as some professors.

00:33:45 - Meeting his first wife in ILS

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Segment Synopsis: His first wife was a very active student, first women to be the Vice President of the student senate. His relationship with her broadened his social circle.

00:35:51 - Relationship with other Ford scholars

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Segment Synopsis: DS discusses his friendship with Charlie Holbrow, who he sees fairly often. Ford scholars on the Wisconsin College Quiz Bowl. Practices in North Butler Street apartment. Didn't maintain close friendships with other Ford Scholars.

00:39:20 - Non-Ford scholar friends from UW

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Segment Synopsis: Talks about other friends at UW and their work. Mostly, he has not maintained friendships from college or law school perhaps because he was very young.

00:41:58 - Favorite social spaces on and off campus

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Segment Synopsis: DS tells a story of seeing McCarthy speak at the Union. Talks about his experience going out for wrestling and involvement with a fraternity

Keywords: Kennedy Manor; McCarthy; Memorial Union

00:46:26 - Final thoughts for this session

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Segment Synopsis: Marrying first wife. Involvement in campus politics. Decision to go to law school.

00:48:05 - Introduction to second session

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Partial Transcript: Okay, today is February 12, 2016.

00:48:41 - Involvement in college rituals and social life

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Segment Synopsis: Not much involvement in rituals. DS talks about attending college with WWII veterans. Attendance at sporting events. Football, not basketball or baseball. Off campus parties. Political affiliation.

00:52:21 - Role of religion or church

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Segment Synopsis: DS does not identify as a believer and does not go to church. Did attend church with his first wife, who is Catholic.

00:53:37 - Reasons for leaving UW and preparing for law school

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Segment Synopsis: Graduating at 19 and being "unemployable." Law school seemed "like a reasonable thing to do." Being a good test taker but not great student.

00:55:26 - College and law school at a young age

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Segment Synopsis: Discusses being "socially and emotionally unprepared" for Wisconsin experience. Attending UW with WWII veterans. Long term effects of early college on career.

00:59:50 - Visiting Madison after graduation and changes to campus

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Segment Synopsis: Son attended UW. Married woman whose parents lived in Baraboo, so visited Madison then. Discusses changes to Madison campus.

01:05:44 - Occupational life

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Segment Synopsis: Recounts experience in law school and decision to not practice law in New York. Career overview.

01:11:39 - Final thoughts about Ford Scholar program

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Segment Synopsis: Reflection of experience.