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00:00:00 - Interview Introduction 00:00:23 - Historical Interests and Coursework

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Partial Transcript: MS: Um I was in Madison from 1966 to 1970

Segment Synopsis: MS discusses his areas of historical interest, work as a student at UW Madison during the 1960s, and lectures by history professors. Talks about course readings and lecture by/interactions with George Mosse.

Keywords: George Mosse; UW Madison; history department; lectures

00:04:56 - Protests, Disruption, and George Mosse at UW in the late 1960s

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Partial Transcript: MS: I was there when they tried to disrupt his class

Segment Synopsis: MS discusses disruption of George Mosse's class and his recollection of student protests on State Street in 1969. Talks about clash between students and National Guard, and talks about Mosse's lectures on German philosophers during this time.

Keywords: George Mosse; German philosophy; history department; student protests

00:10:22 - Discussion of the History/Teaching of WWII, Fascism, and the Holocaust

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Partial Transcript: I made it to Luxembourg for the first time, but in a very different way...

Segment Synopsis: MS talks about his teaching work and the use of his notes from Mosse's lectures in explaining fascism. Talks about teaching about the emotions and group dynamics of fascism, the readings he used, and class discussions. MS talks about relationship with political science colleague (Raul Hillberg) teaching about the Holocaust, his lectures, and Hillberg's background.

Keywords: George Mosse; Raul Hillberg; World War II; fascism; history; holocaust; scholarship; teaching

00:16:33 - Lecturing Styles and William Appleman Williams Classroom Interaction

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Partial Transcript: MS: But the irony of two central Europeans being the most

Segment Synopsis: MS talks about his lecture style and the differences in lecture styles between professors. MS talks about quote about the left by William Appleman Williams put on class bulletin board, and response from Williams to the class.

Keywords: 1960s; William Appleman Williams; lecture; leftism; scholarship

00:19:28 - Recollection of Disruption to George Mosse's Class

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Partial Transcript: SD: And you said you were in Mosse's class when it was disrupted?

Segment Synopsis: MS recounts disruption from students of George Mosse lecture.

Keywords: George Mosse; history department; lecture

00:21:25 - History Department Graduate Cohort and Preliminary Exam Environment at UW Madison

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Partial Transcript: SD: Well yes, you're in the department in a very interesting time

Segment Synopsis: MS talks about large graduate student cohort of UW Madison history department, and areas of interest to cohort members. MS talks about preliminary examinations, the face pace of studying, and the argumentative environment of the cohort. MS recounts a specific argument over U.S. presidential involvements, and the structure of the preliminary exam process. MS and SD discuss differences in history department preliminary processes.

Keywords: UW Madison; cohort; graduate students; history department; preliminary exams

00:30:38 - Recollections of George Mosse

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Partial Transcript: SD: Is there anything else you remember about being

Segment Synopsis: MS recounts presence, readings, and classroom interactions of George Mosse.

Keywords: George Mosse; history department

00:33:13 - Recollections of History Department Professors and Environment

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Partial Transcript: MS: As I, the department was just, you wanted to take more courses

Segment Synopsis: MS discusses the professors and classes he took, influence of professors on his areas of interest, and the large environment of the history department. MS talks about broader environment of the late 1960s.

Keywords: UW Madison; diplomatic historians; history department

00:38:54 - End of June 15th 2018 Interview Session